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Fewer Deportations/’No Talking About Elections’

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 05/31/2021 - 11:15

U.S. deportations. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that deportations of Mexicans from the US have decreased and that this shows that the cooperation between the two countries is beginning to demonstrate results. “We have friendship with the United States, there are no differences, there are no lawsuits. We are neighbors, we have a border of more than 3,000km, and we are working well.”


Harris visit. López Obrador said that he hopes the visit to Mexico by US Vice President Kamala Harris is fruitful and that good things come from it. López Obrador confirmed that Harris is scheduled to arrive in Mexico on June 8.


Calls for peaceful elections. López Obrador asked Mexican citizens to help ensure the elections on June 6 are peaceful and that there be no irregularities. “That the elections take place in peace, that no provocation is involved, is a call to all Mexicans. To assert democracy peacefully, without violence, not to fall into the trap of violence.” He also said that he would not say any more about the elections. López Obrador said he understands that passions and nerves are overflowing and suggested to the journalists present at the daily briefing not to ask him about the elections. “I just want to comment on two things, one in form and the other in substance. We have three days left because in addition to the electoral ban, on Wednesday at midnight the campaigns will end, so for these three days, and of course, Thursday and Friday, let’s not talk about political-electoral issues. We haven’t yet done it, but let’s not be tempted.”


Mexicana de Aviación to fly again? AMLO announced that there is a proposal to “revive” Mexicana de Aviación, an airline with government participation that went bankrupt in 2010. “It is already being done. Looking for nothing more than to ensure there are no bailouts, that budget money is not used because that is the money of all the people.”



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