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Gas Distributors on Strike/New Book Coming Soon

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 08/04/2021 - 11:21

Gas distributors strike back. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there would be enough gas supply in the State of Mexico, Pachuca and Mexico City despite work stoppages by distributors. “We are analyzing filing complaints against those who refuse to comply with their obligation to provide service as a fundamental input for the people. From distributors to commission agents,” López Obrador said. LP gas distributors launched indefinite strikes after the government announced the establishment of a maximum price for the sale of gas, effectively introducing price controls. Some areas have reportedly experienced gas shortages. “The price cap is an emergency and transitory measure until prices are balanced. Maximum prices have been established and will be reviewed weekly,” López Obrador said.


Democratic Mexico. After holding a public referendum on allowing former presidents to be tried on corruption charges, López Obrador said that political actors from the past could be prosecuted and that part of his government’s job will be to “go ahead and act very well as citizens (did). They are clearing the way for an authentic democracy, that we can create it as a habit.” He said that due to the lack of democracy, the country had suffered from an economic and welfare crisis, and from corruption, inequality and violence. The turnout for the referendum was just over 7 percent, far short of the 40 percent needed to make it binding.


New book in August. López Obrador announced that his book, Calumnia, will be published at the end of August. “I have already made progress in writing a book. I am about to finish the first version. The draft is four chapters, and I am already finished. I am dedicating my free time to that. I write on flights, in hotels, where I can, whenever there is a possibility of doing it.” In the book, López Obrador said he will explain his relationship with former US President Donald Trump and will also reflect on the behavior of his political adversaries and those who have wanted to stop the so-called Fourth Transformation. López Obrador has published previously. His last book, A New Hope for Mexico, was published in 2018.




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