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Hospital Capacity Expanded / Ignores Trump Border Wall Tweet

By Ricardo Guzman | Tue, 07/07/2020 - 11:41

Hospital capacity to be expanded. President López Obrador said that after a spike in COVID-19 cases in some states, the federal government will expand hospital capacity to secure enough beds, equipment and doctors. “We are vigilant because there are states where infections are increasing, such as Tabasco, Nayarit and Tamaulipas,” he said and also highlighted that the intensity of the epidemic is decreasing in Mexico City. In this regard, Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell reported that the number of cases is falling in the city. “For 15 days, there has been a progressive decrease in new cases in Mexico City,” López-Gatell said.

Virus can last for years. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said the COVID-19 virus will live for months and maybe years among humans, so the new normality must be addressed in an orderly and careful way. “This virus will go on for several months, maybe years worldwide. We have a disease that has affected all humankind and there is no specific treatment or vaccine,” he said. López Gatell insisted on the need to adapt to living with the virus, given that its processes cannot be artificially modified.

Ignores Trump border wall tweet. After US President Donald Trump yesterday retweeted videos showing the border wall in Arizona, President López Obrador preferred not to comment on the topic and insisted that his visit to the neighboring country is to discuss the USMCA trade treaty. “There are many issues on the bilateral agenda, but we are basically going to deal with the treaty. We are very interested in reviving the economy,” he said.

Tests negative for the virus. President López Obrador said the result of his COVID-19 test was negative and that he has a certificate to prove it. Regarding criticism that his coming visit to Washington is aligned with US President Donald Trump’s electoral agenda, López Obrador said there is nothing to worry about since his administration “has a relationship based on respect and defense of our sovereignty, unlike what happened in past administrations.”

Says energy businessmen must remain silent. President López Obrador said businessmen in the renewable energy sector should remain silent and act prudently because they entered into irregular businesses protected by past officials who created a looting scheme in the energy sector. “They should act prudently, remain silent. Even if they do apologize, they must commit to acting differently,” he said, adding that he felt sorry for them.


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