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INFONAVIT Reform / Award to Seade / Mexico is No Wimp

By Ricardo Guzman | Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:11

INFONAVIT reform moves forward. INFONAVIT head Carlos Martínez presented the reforms to the law that will allow loans to go directly to workers, even if they are not active employees. “They will use loans as many times as they need to. Before it was limited to one single loan per worker. This is the largest financial inclusion reform in the country. It will allow around 40 million people who have funds saved to access financing,” Martínez noted. The National Fund for Workers’ Housing (INFONAVIT) announced that the government will launch the “Decide and Build” platform by the end of the year, where architects will give advice to workers on how to improve their houses.

Award to Jesús Seade. President López Obrador presented the Miguel Hidalgo Award to Jesús Seade for his role as negotiator in the USMCA trade treaty signing. “He is a professional in economics, international trade and his participation was very important. He represented us effectively, setting the foundation for this treaty to benefit Mexico, as is already happening, but without giving up our independence,” López Obrador highlighted. Seade, who failed in his attempt to become the new WTO head earlier this year, noted that he is leaving politics for now. “My family calls me. I appreciate that the president and (Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard) considered me to represent my country in big capital cities but I am retiring for now to serve my country in other ways, as I always have,” the former Deputy Minister for North America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) said.

Mexico is no wimp. Mexico is not a wimp in the face of any foreign government and the decision to wait for the winner of the US election is based on respect, President López Obrador said. “I have to respect the citizens of other countries. It is an election in another country where there are 38 million Mexicans, some voted for one party, others for another party,” he said when questioned again on being one of the very few world leaders who have not recognized Joe Biden’s victory. “We are not a colony anymore, the government of Mexico is not a wimp of any country,” he noted. The president explained that criticism of his decision comes from his adversaries. “Those who can’t understand and are making a lot of noise are our adversaries here, and also some improvised diplomats without principles,” he lamented.

Cienfuegos case talks pending on election results. Mexico will discuss with the US the arrest of former Minister of National Defense (SEDENA) Salvador Cienfuegos after the electoral process is completed, President López Obrador said. “It is true that a diplomatic note was sent and that there have been calls between Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and the United States Attorney General on this issue, and also with the Mexico Attorney General (FGR) participating. We are still waiting for the electoral situation to be resolved,” he said.

Bartlett faces plot by media. President López Obrador defended Manuel Bartlett’s management of CFE and said that some media outlets have a personal vendetta against Bartlett. “There are differences. Bartlett had to correct the mess and looting at the Federal Electricity Commission and some media outlets are looking forward to attacking him,” López Obrador said about the experienced politician who has faced corruption accusations for decades. Yesterday, Tabasco Gov. Adán Augusto López insisted that poor management by CFE was behind the flooding in the state and Bartlett responded that the governor was “trying to hide his clumsiness,” increasing tension between the two close aids to the president.

Mexican Revolution celebration is on. President López Obrador reported that celebrations for the Mexican Revolution will be held, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are going to carry out the commemoration of Nov. 20, a very important date. It is the day when the people of Mexico were summoned to rise up in arms to overthrow the Porfirian regime,” he said, referring to the fall of dictator Porfirio Díaz who ruled the country for over 31 years. The president said the Revolution’s monument and square are likely to be used in the celebration, although he said social distancing would be followed.

AMLO applauds Quintana Roo governor. President López Obrador celebrated the dismissal of Minister of Public Security of Quintana Roo Alberto Capella, Cancun Security head Eduardo Santamaría and city council head Isaac Janix Alanís after shots were fired during a demonstration by a feminist group in the tourist destination. “I liked the decision made by the governor of Quintana Roo (Carlos Joaquín González) and that the investigations are deepening and that there is zero tolerance,” he noted.


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