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Investment Plan on Monday / Praises Court’s Decision

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 10/02/2020 - 11:10

Investment plan ready on Monday. A public-private energy investment plan will be presented next Monday, President López Obrador said. “On Monday, we will present the plan alongside the private sector. This is a package of projects to be carried by the private and public sectors, in both the communication and energy sectors,” he said. After several postponements since last year, the highly anticipated plan is expected to boost the Mexican economy, that according to López Obrador is already recovering. “We are no longer losing jobs and we are recovering jobs. There are positive signs but we need to join forces so there is more investment and the country’s economy can rebound sooner,” he said.

Celebrates Supreme Court’s decision. President López Obrador celebrated the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) on a referendum related to putting former presidents on trial, despite the final document approved yesterday being “unclear.” After voting (six in favor, five against) on the president’s initiative to ask the people to allow former presidents to be put on trial, the judges approved the referendum but edited the original question to remove the names of five former presidents. López Obrador said the draft is no longer clear. “The referendum was approved but the question was changed, and now it is unclear,” he said and noted that people will have to interpret the “yes or no” question.

Calls migrant caravan ‘strange.’ President López Obrador said it was strange that a caravan of migrants had left Central America heading for the US just before the presidential elections in that country. “It seems very strange for this caravan to leave on the eve of the election in the United States. What a coincidence,” he said. When asked about whether the administration will allow migrants to access Mexico through its southern border, the president stated that this is being assessed, since his administration won’t fall for provocations. “Mexico is a country of peace. We have to see how we can dodge this provocation,” he said.

Wishes Trump a swift recovery. President López Obrador said he wishes US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a swift recovery after they tested positive for COVID-19. “We wish the president a fast recovery. We hope that he recovers soon and also his wife,” López Obrador said. Trump’s diagnosis came as a surprise yesterday. He has publicly downplayed the effectiveness of masks.

Offended by Chihuahua governor. President López Obrador said that the federal government's relationship with Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral is not good, ruling out a meeting with him. “The relationship is not good, there is now no point in having this meeting because they have offended us and, what I consider more delicate, they are putting at risk the good relationship that we have with the United States government. We do not want any retaliation for not complying with an agreement,” the president said regarding a bilateral water supply agreement involving dams in Chihuahua.

Laments “mess” in Morena. President López Obrador said that he expects Morena’s leaders to fix the “mess” they crated so they can renew the party’s leadership. “There is no leadership, this is a mess. Hopefully the party’s leaders will stand at the same level as the Mexican people. That would be better,” he said. A handful of candidates are fighting for the leadership of the party that led López Obrador to the presidency, extending uncertainty over the party for more than a year. The president lamented their approach and supported the idea that the Mexican people decide through a public consultation on who will lead the party.



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