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LP Gas Prices Rise/Sowing Life Program

By Paloma Duran | Mon, 10/18/2021 - 11:39

Urban Improvement. Minister of Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU) Román Meyer Falcón announced that since the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began, 762 projects have been carried out through the Urban Improvement Program, in which MX$28 billion (US$1.37 billion) has been invested.  “We have carried out 762 projects nationwide, 77 municipal plans, 187,000 housing actions. Most of them were direct support. Likewise, 300,000 jobs have been created and 5.3 million people have benefited.”

According to SEDATU data, 149 projects have been carried out in the area of culture and education, 190 for street improvements, 25 for the health sector, 127 related to sports, 228 for public spaces and 43 for commerce. SEDATU announced that the government continues to prepare urban development plans to reach more areas.

Gas price affected by oil costs. Director of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (PROFECO) Ricardo Sheffield explained that the price of LP gas has increased due to the increase in the cost of oil. Sheffield stressed that despite the increase, most vendors have respected the maximum prices implemented by the government. “The price given by the suppliers is below the average of the maximum authorized price for each of the regions of the country. There is a total adherence to the maximum price, although this maximum price has been rising.”

So far in 2021, the price of LP gas has risen more than 321 percent, mainly due to global inflation and higher demand. Currently, the average price of stationary tanks is MX$13.73 (US$.67) per liter, while gas cylinders are MX$25.36 (US$1.24) per kilo.

US interested in the Sowing Life program. López Obrador stressed that the US is interested in his Sowing Life program that seeks to address the main causes of migration in Central America, and for which the visit of US envoy John Kerr is to show him how the program works. “There is interest from the US government in knowing about this program. We are insisting a lot so that it can be replicated throughout Central America and thus provide more job opportunities and at the same time take better care of the environment."

López Obrador's Sowing Life program seeks to create jobs and improve the quality of life in Central America and southern Mexico by addressing the region's two main problems: rural poverty and environmental degradation. However, according to experts, this is a long-term plan and is not designed to address many of today's problems.

Release of the former governor of Sonora. López Obrador assured that he did not intervene in the release of former Sonora Gov. Guillermo Padrés. "We respect the decision of the Judiciary. Since I assumed the presidency, I have not intervened to have someone punished, nor have I intervened to free anyone. I never plan on doing it."

In 2016, Padrés was arrested and sent to the Reclusorio Preventivo Varonil Oriente in Mexico City for the crimes of money laundering and tax fraud. In 2019, a judge released Padrés on probation to continue his criminal process outside of jail. Two weeks ago, Padrés returned to politics to tell his version, in which the politician stressed that he was part of a smear campaign.

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Gobierno de México, MBN
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