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Mexican Embassy in Spain/Kids’ Safety Report

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 08/18/2021 - 11:09

Mayan Train jobs. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the company in charge of building the stretch of the Mayan Train track from Tulum to Palenque has guaranteed that it will generate many jobs. "Jobs are being created like never before. I estimate that around 300,000 jobs will be created by the Mayan Train and the Isthmus in a year. These are very important works, and the southeast has already been taken into account; it was abandoned for a long time."


Brenda Lozano. López Obrador faced questions regarding the appointment of Brenda Lozano as a cultural attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Spain. Lozano has been singled out for posting memes and criticisms of the current federal administration on her social networks. López Obrador said that Mexico is "full of conservative, neoliberal thought. Just imagine there were only two groups that dominated the world of letters, we have said it here (...) and in the end, they are the same politically. It is like two parties that appeared to be different (but) the difference was between Coca-Cola and Pepsi." López Obrador said that the groups that dominated the intellectual circles entered academia and even public schools, such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Therefore, he wanted to give opportunities to young people who, he said, are not related to conservative thinking. Lozano is a novelist, essayist and editor.


AMLO criticizes CIDE. López Obrador criticized the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) for training “cadres” for the private sector with funding from the federal government. "I understand that ITAM exists, an institution promoted by the private sector to train its cadres, but that the state is financing an institution with the same purposes as CIDE or that Conacyt is at the service of companies, that its budget is allocated to fund corporate research and not to do research for the benefit of the people," he said. López Obrador insisted that renewal is necessary so that new opportunities are generated and, at the same time, those who remained from previous governments should leave.  


Back to school controversy. Given the continuing concern about going back to school, López Obrador, together with the United Nations for Children (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), will present a report on the consequences and possible damages to which minors may be exposed if they do not return to classrooms. He also assured parents that the government will act if there are problems in returning to face-to-face classes. However, he maintained that the risks are minimal for minors. "The responsibility is everyone's and mainly the government, the head of the executive, and if I am calling for the return to school, it is because I consider that there are no risks or they are minor and it affects us a lot to have children, adolescents locked up. "



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