Mexican Headlines After US Election Day
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Mexican Headlines After US Election Day

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Alejandro Enríquez By Alejandro Enríquez | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 11/04/2020 - 17:03

A day after the US election, results are still too close to call. Democratic candidate Joe Biden broke the record of the popular vote set by Barack Obama in 2008 with 69,498,516 votes. As of 2:00 PM (EST), Reuters reports 69,640,642 votes for Biden. The election, however, depends on the electoral college and despite President Trump's victory claims, neither candidate has the 270 electoral college votes to win.

"We are certain that regardless of the results from the US election, we have the guarantee of economic and financial stability. Our economy is solid, healthy and our country has the trust of foreign investors," said President López Obrador yesterday morning during his daily press conference.

Here are the headlines and entries published by Mexico's major newspapers regarding the US elections.

El Economista: "In the Air"

Trump’s performance makes surveys look bad.

"This is not over until all votes are counted. We believe we are on track to winning the election," Biden.

"They are trying to steal the election; votes cannot be cast after the polls are closed," Trump.

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Ohio are still without a clear result. The US presidency will be decided by five states. People voted and approved the recreational use of marihuana. Markets move at the rhythm of the results and the Mexican peso falls 1.36 percent to MX$21.54 per dollar.

Remittances to Mexico hit record during the first nine months of 2020.

El Financiero: Fight Till the End

In the coming days, financial and social uncertainty will play a role in the US way of life.

Trump calls “thievery,” while Biden trusts he will win the election. The US is polarized as Donald Trump and Joe Biden fight till the end. The presidential election created strong expectations given the closeness of early results.

Reforma: Vote Counting Will Take Time

Trump has declared himself the winner but he called a fraud. Joe Biden asked his followers to have patience and wait for the results that, he said, will favor him.

The election registered historical participation of 67 percent of the electorate, the largest in 100 years. Due to the impossibility of counting all ballots, the US went to bed last night without knowing whether Trump will be reelected or Joe Biden will take charge.

For some, masks are law while for AMLO "they do not work."

El Universal: Trump and Biden Claim Victory

The Republican candidate declared himself the victor and says "they" want to steal the election which is close in key states. The democratic candidate claims he is on the path to victory and asked for patience while ballots are still counted.

Federal Prosecutor contradicts López Obrador over Luis Videgaray case.

Excelsior: No One Concedes

The democratic candidate affirmed to be "on track" to winning the election while waiting for the official vote counting. His rival announced his triumph while claiming a "big fraud" and announcing he will go to court to stop the ballot counting.

Mexican peso reached MX$21.74 per dollar following early US results.

López Obrador claims governors from the Federal Alliance have "disrespected" him.

La Jornada: Close Race for US Presidency

The battle has not concluded; five key states remain in dispute. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are key for the victory. The magnate goes against mailed-in ballots: "I will go to the Supreme Court." Senate will remain under Republican control. It was an election of hope, anger, and fear.

FGR waits for judicial avail to detain Videgaray.

Milenio: "We Are Going to Win," Says Biden. "They Want to Steal From Us," Trump Argues.

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