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Mexican Headlines Two Days After the US Election

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 11/05/2020 - 10:03

Two days have passed since the US election day. Early results show Biden as the potential winner but nothing is settled yet. Trump's lawsuit and final ballot counting are still on the table. President López Obrador declined to comment on the US election until the counting ends and the official winner is announced. “We cannot say anything until the counting ends and the corresponding authority announces the winner. It is a close election. I only wish that things in the US continue to run as they have been until now,” said the president yesterday morning.

Here are the headlines and entries published by Mexico's major newspapers regarding the US elections.

El Economista: Biden Glimpses the White House; Trump Takes Legal Action

The scenario improved for the democratic candidate after winning Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump and his team insist on questioning the results. They are demanding a recount and are preparing to take legal action.

The markets had a good morning and the Mexican peso is set at MX$20.95 per dollar.

Mexico retakes growth path in exports to the US.

El Financiero: "I Will Be the Winner," Biden

The democratic candidate is a few votes away from the triumph. Trump will give a legal fight. The way for Joe Biden to get to the White House in January 2021 is starting to open, while Trump’s path starts to close.

Wall Street celebrates without an official winner.

Reforma: Biden Almost Secure, Trump Impugns

The democratic candidate steals Trump's bastions and declares himself winner of the race. The candidate practically secured the 270 electoral college votes necessary to get to the White House.

Donald Trump supporters protested last night in Arizona, some of them armed. Democratic supporters celebrated in California. Trump threatened to present a fraud lawsuit before the US Supreme Court.

Tabasco governor blames Manuel Barlett for floods.

EL Universal: Biden Senses Triumph and Trump Bets on a Crisis

Six electoral college votes set the democratic candidate apart from being the next US President. The republican candidate, still kicking, presents lawsuits.

Joe Biden reaches the gates of the White House with 264 electoral college votes. He has to win any of the five remaining states where votes are still counted. Nevada is the most feasible and probable option.

National Guard on Top 10 of human right violations.

Excelsior: Vote by Vote Fight

The democratic candidate won key states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, while the Republican candidate impugned the results that do not favor him. Millions of mailed-in ballots are still to be counted.

With four states still to define results, Joe Biden advanced on its way to the White House, while Donald Trump started a legal battle for the US Presidency.

The pandemic still going in Europe: Italy enters a state of emergency.

Milenio: Biden Sees Himself as Winner and Starts With the Transition

Six votes away from the necessary 270, Biden is on his way to the White House while a furious Donald Trump impugns in four states.

The anti-communist tone wins. Latin vote said "no" to the democratic candidate in Florida.

López-Gatell disregards COVID-19 vaccines will be ready by December.

La Jornada: Biden a Step Away From Victory; Trump's Legal Tricks.

The election remains in suspense as candidates wait for the final results in five states. The magnate maintains his strategies to undermine the process and stop the counting. Protests in different US cities are happening to unarm the "self-coup".

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