Mexico Stable Despite US Election / Videgaray Arrest Rejected
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Mexico Stable Despite US Election / Videgaray Arrest Rejected

Photo by:   Presidencia de la República
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Ricardo Guzman By Ricardo Guzman | Editor - Tue, 11/03/2020 - 11:11

Mexico is safe in the face of US election. It doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election in the US, since Mexico’s economic and financial stability is secured, President López Obrador said. “We are sure that, in the face of any outcome in the United States election, we have secured economic and financial stability. Our economy is solid and healthy and our country has the confidence of foreign investors,” he noted. The president stated that he will wait for the election process to end so he can call on the winner and highlighted that it is important not to get involved in other countries’ internal affairs. “We are going to wait for the results. I will inform the people in due course,” he said. López Obrador lamented Spain’s lack of responsibility when it declared a winner in the 2006 election in Mexico, where Felipe Calderón defeated him by only 0.56%. “Before the United States government recognized Calderón, the government of Spain had already done so,” he noted.

Arrest warrant against Videgaray rejected. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) asked a judge for an arrest warrant against former Minister of Finance (SHCP) Luis Videgaray, but it was rejected, President López Obrador said. According to reports, Videgaray was named by former PEMEX head Emilio Lozoya in the investigation into illegal financing of political campaigns, bribery and treason. The president noted that the judge rejected the arrest warrant because the inquiry’s file was not properly integrated. “I do not know if (the rejection) is final or if they are working on the file,” he said.

Cases rise in nine states. Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer said that there are nine states with an upward trend in COVID-19 cases. “We must highlight that seven of them are at a greater risk and that there are also 14 entities that have maintained a downward trend, particularly in deaths, for 19 consecutive weeks,” he said. Yesterday, Durango became the second state to revert to red in the epidemiological traffic light, joining Chihuahua as the only two entities reporting the highest alert.

Rain in Tabasco hits new record. Civil Protection head Laura Velázquez reported that rainfall on Oct. 30 in Tabasco recorded a new record that exceeds by nearly 100mm the high of 380mm reported in 1980. She noted that eight municipalities were severely affected but with no considerable damage. Among states most affected by rain from the ninth cold front of the year, were Tabasco, Veracruz and Campeche. Velázquez reported that Hurricane Eta has made landfall in Nicaragua and Honduras.“It has heavy winds and rain that may affect Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Civil Protection remains vigilant,” she said.

Questions mask effectiveness. President López Obrador said that if he ever wears a face mask it will be out of respect for the people and not because they are proven to be helpful in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. “I do regret what is happening in Europe because of the curfew, and their coercive measures. We are not going to do that because we have extraordinary people. If I ever wear a mask, it will be for the people, out of respect for the people. I don't wear it because I keep my distance,” he said. The president highlighted that he sees people in the streets every day who are wearing masks, despite the fact that no one knows for sure if they are effective in preventing contagion.

Rodríguez accepts SSPC position. President López Obrador confirmed that Rosa Icela Rodríguez has agreed to replace Alfonso Durazo at the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), but she is still recovering from COVID-19 so hasn’t yet assumed her new role. “She accepted the position but is still recovering, so I decided that from Saturday morning (Deputy Minister) Ricardo Mejía would be in charge of the office until she is here,” he noted.


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Photo by:   Presidencia de la República

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