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Mexico, UN Sign Agreement / Disappointment with US

By Ricardo Guzman | Thu, 10/29/2020 - 11:01

Mexico, UNOPS sign MX$32 billion agreement. Mexico and UNOPS signed an agreement for 384 drug codes worth MX$32 billion (US$1.45 billion) that will open the door to imports from around the world, President López Obrador announced. Legal adviser to the presidency Julio Scherer explained that the pact signed with the UN office will open the possibility of importing drugs from practically every country, thanks to the decree signed by López Obrador last year. Currently, only Australia, Switzerland, the US, Canada and the European Union have signed similar agreements with Mexico. During the signing ceremony held today at the National Palace during the president’s daily briefing, Minister of Finance (SHCP) Arturo Herrera explained that the operation would be financed with a loan between Bancomext and UNOP’s bank. The UNOPS representative in Mexico said that an abbreviated tender for medicines against cancer and infectious diseases will be launched next, to be awarded from December and supplied in January 2021.

Disappointed with US over Cienfuegos arrest. Mexico expressed its disappointment with the US government for not sharing information prior to the arrest of Salvador Cienfuegos, Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard said. “We have let the United States know our deep dissatisfaction that this information was not shared with our country,” Ebrard said regarding the notorious arrest on Oct. 16 of Cienfuegos at the Los Angeles Airport, after the former minister of national defense tried to enter the US for a family vacation. President López Obrador ruled out using the national defense budget to pay Cienfuegos’ legal fees after PRI requested that the Treasury be used to cover the expenses of the trial.

Relations with US are secure. President López Obrador said the government of Mexico will continue to maintain good relations with the US government, regardless of the outcome of the elections on Tuesday, Nov. 3. “Whoever wins (the White House) is ok. If it’s not President Donald Trump there won’t be any problem,” he said after stressing the good relationship he has with his counterpart. “We are going to act prudently because it is the eve of US elections and we do not want our position to be manipulated,” the president noted.

Border closure ruled out. Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard ruled out a total closure of the Mexico-US border in the face of the COVID-19 contingency. The minister said that all recommendations and guidance are being abided and non-essential activities have been prevented, so there is no reason to anticipate a total closure, preventing a further impact on the region. Chihuahua became the first state to revert to red in the epidemiological traffic light, after an increase in cases were reported mostly in manufacturing facilities near the border. Ebrard congratulated the Ministry of Health after the US adopted the Mexican epidemiological traffic light.

Willing to open dialogue with governors. President López Obrador said he is willing to open a dialogue with the governors of the Federalist Alliance “as long as there is no politics” involved in the discussion. “This is not a personal affair, this has to do with the institutions,” he said. The president reiterated that the federation has no pending debts owed to any state.


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