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Mexico’s Proposals to the US/North American Leaders Summit

By Paloma Duran | Fri, 07/15/2022 - 14:07

Mexico offers gas pipelines to the US.  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that during his meeting with US President Joe Biden, the availability of a gas pipeline was offered in case the US needs to transport fuel. “We offer a gas pipeline that runs along the border that goes from Ciudad Juárez to California, in case they need to transport gas. Our proposals show our willingness to continue working in coordination with the Biden administration.”

On Tuesday, Biden welcomed López Obrador and they both addressed key issues discussed at the Summit of the Americas. However, since López Obrador did not attend, the new meeting´s objective was to  reach key bilateral agreements. During the meeting, López Obrador announced five proposals to the US: increase Mexico's gasoline inventory, make available 1,000 km of gas pipeline for the US, eliminate tariffs to benefit consumers, create an investment plan to produce goods and offer US work visas to migrants. For its part, Biden agreed with López Obrador on many points. However, without specifying, he emphasized that certain issues needed to be discussed further.

North American Leaders Summit. López Obrador announced that President Biden will visit Mexico in November for the North American Leaders Summit.  “Biden will return to Mexico in a few months because the three North American countries will meet to review the free trade agreement we have. In addition, December 12 marks the 200th anniversary of our relations as nations, which we will celebrate. Despite the criticism, we have a very good relationship with the Biden administration.”

This week, leaders from the US, Mexico, and Canada met in Vancouver for the second anniversary of the USMCA. During the meeting, representatives from the US and Canada shared their concerns about Mexico’s energy policies and unresolved labor issues, which they claim threatens investment in the country. According to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Mexico is one of the countries with the highest number of disputes involving companies and the government, specifically in the energy and infrastructure industries.

Previously, experts warned that López Obrador's refusal to attend the Summit of the Americas would generate more tensions between the two countries and that Mexico could lose the opportunity to become a more important US ally. However, during the Mexico-US meeting, both Biden and López Obrador stressed that the relationship between the two countries was excellent and that although there are differences, both nations have decided to have greater cooperation to address key issues and bring great benefits.

First Mexican woman to go to space sends a message to López Obrador. The first Mexican woman astronaut to go into space Katya Echazarreta sent a message to the president, in which she mentions that her flight will be dedicated to Mexico. López Obrador said he was very proud of her achievements and announced that he would meet her in August. “We are very happy with her achievement of going to space because she is Mexican, daughter of Mexican migrants. We know all the efforts it takes for a Mexican to have a good life in the US, she achieved it. For that, we all recognize your effort, Katya!”

Through Space for Humanity, Echazarreta applied to win one of six seats to go into space. The goal of Space for Humanity is to send leaders into space to experience the Overview Effect, which is when people see the world form above. According to astronauts the Overview Effect is a life-changing experience that can lead to positive action on earth. Echazarreta was chosen from among 7,000 applicants from more than 100 countries based on her achievements in the space industry.

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Gobierno de México, Milenio
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