MORENA Seeks An Amicable Agreement With Marcelo Ebrard
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MORENA Seeks An Amicable Agreement With Marcelo Ebrard

Photo by:   Marcelo Ebrad
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 09/18/2023 - 16:12

MORENA's National Commission for Honesty and Justice is seeking an amicable solution to former Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard's petition to investigate and invalidate MORENA's electoral process. Anonymous sources assure that the party seeks to avoid a legal confrontation before the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF), which would harm the party's electoral campaign for 2024.

Last week, Ebrard challenged MORENA's presidential candidate election process before the party's National Commission for Honesty and Justice. In a 40-page brief, Ebrard has requested the annulment of MORENA's internal poll results, arguing that there were many deficiencies in the process. For example, he argues that the commission had a shortage of coordinators, which affected the delivery of materials and therefore prevented the poll from being conducted in a timely manner. He also points out that there were cases of violence, electoral harassment and conditioning of social programs, among other problems. 

The Commission has announced that, at Ebrard's request, an investigation has been opened. The first step in the investigation is for the Commission to assess whether Ebrard's complaint is valid and justifies an investigation. If so, the accused party will be notified to present its allegations.

The Commission has stressed that it will try to reach an amicable agreement with both parties. However, if this is not possible, the National Commission on Honesty and Justice will hold hearings, in which both parties will present evidence and arguments. Subsequently, the Commission will prepare a draft resolution, considering the rights of both parties.

According to Milenio, Ebrard's request for investigation will receive special treatment, as MORENA fears that the case will be turned over to the TEPJF, which could affect the party's presidential campaign. Ebrard's lawsuit is complex because the party does not have solid regulations for this type of conflict.

The Commission has up to 30 working days to resolve the conflict. According to Art. 50, the sessions of the National Commission of Honesty and Justice must be public. However, the Commission has already announced that it will not provide information on the case until it is concluded.

Previously, Ebrard said he would resign from the party if his case is not investigated.  Ebrard also announced that on Sep. 18 he will formalize the political movement “Progressive Movement,” which will include members of MORENA, PT and PVEM. In addition, he announced that he will meet with his supporters throughout the country to explain his next moves. 

What Happened During MORENA's Internal Election?
MORENA's candidate selection was based on the results of the party’s main poll and four additional mirror polls, conducted from Aug. 30 to Sep. 4. After counting the ballots, MORENA’s National Council named Claudia Sheinbaum in the lead with 39.4% of the votes, followed by Marcelo Ebrard with 25.6%, Gerardo Fernández Noroña with 12.2%, Adán Augusto López with 10%, Ricardo Monreal with 6.5% and Manuel Velasco with 6.3%.

While MORENA summoned the six candidates to announce the results, former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard did not attend the meeting in protest. Hours before the results were announced, Ebrard sent a message to the media asking MORENA to invalidate the process and repeat the poll. 

Photo by:   Marcelo Ebrad

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