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MORENA Senators´Heated Arguments/Minsters for the Supreme Court

By Karin Dilge | Fri, 09/02/2022 - 11:40

Division of MORENA at the Senate. President López Obrador assured the Mexican people he does not intervene with other government branches, after disagreements between legislators of the party took place.

These disagreements stem from the election of the president of the Board of the party. Tensions began after the main officers of the Security Cabinet did not attend the IX Plenary Session of MORENA and when Alejandro Armenta, MORENA’s senator, was elected president of the Upper Chamber in the midst of internal conflict.

Ministers proposed for the Supreme Court of Justice. President López Obrador said he was wrong about the candidates he proposed for ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN). Moreover, he said that the candidates are no longer thinking about the project of transformation and justice.

The four ministers proposed by the president were Juan Luis González Alcántara Carrancá, Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, Ana Margarita Ríos Farjat and Loretta Ortiz Ahlf who were all approved by the Senate. This declaration by the president happens in the context of the vote for the invalidity of preventive jail time, the judicial instrument repeatedly defended by the current administration.

Attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. President López Obrador condemned the attack against Cristina Fernández, Vice President of Argentina, outside her house in Buenos Aires.

The Mexican government expressed its rejection and condemnation of the attack against Fernández de Kirchner through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard tweeted a solidarity message for the Argentinian Vice President.

The Argentinean Federal Police arrested Thursday the armed man who tried to shoot the Vice President in the street outside her apartment.

Argentina is experiencing a strong period of political tensions and last Aug. 22 the Attorney General declared Fernández de Kirchner guilty of a case of alleged corruption. Since then, groups in favor and against the vice president have been protesting in the streets of Buenos Aires. 

Girl killed in Nuevo Laredo. In a confrontation between the Army and organized crime groups, a girl died in Nuevo Laredo. The government is already carrying out an investigation. President López Obrador assured that the ones responsible for the murder will be punished.

In the last couple of weeks, the country has been experiencing violent outbreaks in several states throughout the country for which drug trafficking groups are mainly responsible.


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