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Morena Setback/Focus on Budget Goals

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:13

Elections. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the electoral parties and citizens for participating in yesterday’s legislative elections. He celebrated that his party, Morena, won a simple majority in the Chamber of Deputies, as it guarantees the approval of the budget. López Obrador emphasized that “a very important step was taken, it is a historic election, there have been few elections like yesterday’s, and I say this because yesterday’s elections were free, fair, as was not the case in other times.” While Morena achieved a simple majority, it failed to hold onto the super majority it had enjoyed prior to the vote, reducing the administration’s ability to push through policy initiatives without help.


Budget priority. López Obrador emphasized the government’s majority gives it the ability to push through its budget. “It means having the budget guaranteed and more specifically, more in detail, having a sufficient budget guaranteed for the neediest, for the poor, having guaranteed the pensions for the elderly, for children with disabilities, guaranteeing a budget for 11 million poor families, so that medical care and medicines are free, so that education remains a right and never again becomes a privilege as it was before.” There has never been an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, he said. “The legal majority does not exist; it is a simple or qualified majority in the case of the chambers. We have never had an absolute majority.”


Morena’s setback. Addressing the setback suffered by Morena at the polls, López Obrador said that his opponents had dedicated themselves to calling people’s homes and inducing fear, but he assured that all this would be overcome with more information. “In the case of Mexico City, we have to work harder and take into account that here there is greater bombardment by the media; this is where the dirty war is most (prevalent). … They confuse and confuse, it is propaganda, day and night.”


Reiterates plan to quite politics when term ends. López Obrador again made it clear that he will retire from politics at the end of his term in September 2024. “I am a man of principles, of ideals, I do not fight for positions, but for ideas, I am a Maderista, I am against reelection.” Mexico’s presidents are constitutionally limited to a single six-year term.





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