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MX$525 Billion Infra Plan / Enough Beds for Patients

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 11/30/2020 - 11:10

Infrastructure projects reach MX$525 billion. A second investment package worth MX$228 billion (US$11.34 billion) for infrastructure projects expected to boost employment in Mexico was presented today by President López Obrador. The public-private venture will include 29 projects, said Minister of Finance (SHCP) Arturo Herrera. This is the second public-private investment package announced in less than a month, totaling 68 projects worth MX$525 billion (US$26.11 billion). Business Coordinating Council (CCE) head Carlos Salazar noted that these agreements are necessary for the economic recovery, but above all for employment, since it is expected that 400,000 new jobs will be created. “A figure that is close to what we need to fully recover all jobs lost,” Salazar said.

No hospital saturation in Mexico City. There is no risk of hospitals suffering shortages while caring for COVID-19 patients in Mexico City, President López Obrador said. “There is no risk of saturation in the short term in Mexico City. There are beds, medical equipment, there are doctors. What we want is that there are no infections, no more COVID cases, that is our purpose and we are working to that end,” he said after reports that Mexico´s capital city might turn to red in the epidemiological traffic light, after reports of increases in hospitalizations and repeated warnings by Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum on the need to reduce mobility and contagions.

Outsourcing changes still being discussed. Mexican businessmen are against the abuse of workers in relation to outsourcing companies and those accountable must be brought to justice, Business Coordinating Council (CCE) head Carlos Salazar said. “We are against the abuse of workers and limiting their benefits. If someone does not comply with the law, we will be the first to ask that the person be punished because it affects us all,” the business sector representative said. Changes to outsourcing with the possible termination of the controversial hiring scheme are still being discussed, with another meeting today between federal administration officials and private sector representatives. President López Obrador said that government workers hired through outsourcing will be regularized “There are already a little more than 80,000 and they will get a base job,” he noted and highlighted that there is also a commitment to basify all health workers.

Full recovery by next quarter. By Q121, Mexico’s economy will have a full recovery and return to levels seen before the COVID-19 pandemic started, President López Obrador said. “In the first three months of next year, we will go back to the situation in which we found ourselves before the pandemic. We will be able to recover and we will start to achieve greater economic growth,” he said.

Laments pandemic, crisis and media. The COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis and, to a lesser extent, attacks from the media have been the three main challenges faced by the federal administration, President López Obrador said. “Speaking of three obstacles, three problems, the most difficult is the pandemic. A very painful situation that hurts a lot. That is what has affected us the most,” he said. The second-biggest challenge is the economic crisis created by the pandemic, which just as with the health crisis “we are coping with very well” since Mexico is recovering from both. “And the third factor, a very marginal one, are attacks by the media and the reaction of conservatives,” he said. Tomorrow López Obrador will celebrate two years as president. He will deliver the State of the Union (Informe de Gobierno) from National Palace’s main patio, in a discrete ceremony that will abide all heath protocols.

Arrests in notorious cases. Those involved in the attack against Mexico City Security head Omar García Harfuch and the LeBarón family have already been arrested, President López Obrador said. “Virtually all those who participated in the attack against the chief of the Mexico City police have already been arrested, practically all those who participated in the murder of women and children in Bavispe are already arrested. There is no impunity for anyone,” he said, referring to the notorious attack against García Harfuch using large-caliber Barrett rifles in an upscale Mexico City neighborhood, and the massacre on the Mexican-American LeBarón family members in November last year, in Bavispe, Sonora.


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