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MX$60 Billion for States / Dialogue on Traffic Light

By Ricardo Guzman | Wed, 05/27/2020 - 12:54

MX$60 billion in contingency funds for states. President López Obrador said he had authorized the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) to start distributing a contingency fund to states to face the COVID-19 crisis. “There is a contingency fund of around MX$60 billion to stabilize state government budgets. There are operating rules for those funds,” he said. The president also asked all governors to draft an austerity plan, since indebtedness will no longer be tolerated in the country.

Calls for dialogue on ‘traffic light.’ President López Obrador said he will not start a confrontation with governors regarding the operation of the COVID-19 contingency traffic light. “With dialogue, not fighting. Everything has to be based on reasoning and according to the law,” he said when asked how he expected to respond to governors’ calls that they be allowed to decide on the operation of the traffic light that will be implemented on June 1.

Presidential tours to resume. President López Obrador said he will likely resume his tours next week and the first stop will be Cancun to inaugurate work on the Mayan Train. The president asked people who want to attend his rallies to respect social distancing protocols and prevent big crowds. “We are not doing big events. Very few people will be allowed,” he explained. Regarding air transportation, he said he will wear a mask if the airline asks passengers to use them. “Doctors are recommending not to use planes that much, and that I travel by road,” he said.

Report on fires and cyclones. National Civil Protection head David León reported on 73 active forest fires in 16 states that are putting 8,700 hectares at risk. While presenting the Fire and Hurricane Control Plan alongside President López Obrador, León said over 1,730 men and women from Conafor, Sedena, Semar and local authorities are working to extinguish those fires. Regarding tropical cyclones, the officer said between 30 and 37 systems are forecasted in both oceans for this year, and that five or six could impact Mexican coasts.

Suggests use for Walmart money. President López Obrador said that the payment made by Walmart to the Treasury (SAT) for MX$8.7 billion could be enough to fund students’ education abroad. “Walmart's payment would be enough to have 30,000 students studying abroad, since expenditure is almost US$1,200 a month per student,” he said.



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