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New Ayotzinapa Information Emerges/Yaqui Territory

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 09/30/2021 - 11:04

LP gas price. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that his government's measures to prevent an increase in LP gas prices have worked. "We believe that we will be able to keep gas prices under control. The maximum price has worked and the Gas Bienestar (Welfare Gas) company is helping." With the establishment of a cap on prices for the sale of LP gas, López Obrador said that he trusts that his government will be able to contain costs and avoid increases. For now, the minimum acceptable price for gas has been established at MX$13.49 (US$0.65) and the maximum at MX$24.98 (US$1.22). The idea is for distributors to stay within this price range. 

Ayotzinapa case. López Obrador announced that important files and documents related to the Ayotzinapa case have been found and that he has given instructions that his government will not hide information or protect anyone in relation to the disappearance of 43 students, or “normalistas,” that made international headlines. "There is a political will to know everything related to the unfortunate case of Ayotzinapa. There are instructions so that no information is hidden, that no one is protected. He who owes nothing fears nothing and we want to know where the young people are and it is our commitment to the parents of the disappeared ‘normalistas.’" Sunday marked seven years since the disappearance of the 43 students from a so-called Normal college in rural areas that trains teachers. In that time, only three of the young people have been identified and the person responsible for the investigation in the previous government, Tomás Zerón, is a fugitive in Israel. The López Obrador government reopened the case in 2018 and definitively identified the remains of two of the students, Christian Rodríguez, in 2020, and Jhosivani Guerrero last June, both in the Carnicería ravine, outside a garbage dump. 


Restitution of Yaqui territory.  The government of Mexico, through CONAGUA, reported that it has already begun the restitution of land, territory and water to the Yaqui people. Through the decree establishing the Irrigation District 018 of the Yaqui people, made up of the communities of Vicam Pueblo, Primera Cabecera, Potam, Segunda Cabecera, Torim, Rahum, Huirivis, Belem, Loma de Bacum and Cocorit-Loma de Guamuchil "the tribe's right to water for agricultural use is guaranteed." López Obrador announced an investment of more than MX$6 billion (US$293 million) for access to water. The Yaquis also proposed a Constitutional reform initiative to protect indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples, who represent almost 10 percent of the population in Mexico.


Budget spending. López Obrador recommended that state and municipal governments not spend their budget allocations on "superfluous things" and use the funds for the benefit of the people. "According to the Fiscal Coordination Law, a percentage of what is collected goes to the states and municipalities, it is regulated, and we never stop delivering those funds and what we do is helping with additional resources," he said.



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