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New Nominees / Addresses ‘Master Fraud’

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 12/07/2020 - 11:18

AMLO names nominees. President López Obrador announced on Monday his appointees and candidates for a number of posts, including Ana Laura López Bautista as the new general coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine. Galia Borja Gómez is the president’s pick for deputy governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), replacing Javier Guzmán Calafell, who ends his term on Dec. 31, 2020. Borja Gómez is currently the Treasurer of the Federation and will be replaced in this post by Elvira Concheiro. Both appointments require ratification by the Chamber of Deputies. López Obrador also nominated the current Minister of the Economy Graciela Marquez Colin to be the new member of the governing board of INEGI. Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo is expected to become the new minister of the economy.


Alliance PRIAN. López Obrador called the alliance between political opposition parties PRI and PAN a historical event that proves he was right about the two parties being on the same team. The PRIAN alliance was announced on Dec. 5. During his daily briefing, the president said, "they do not want us to have the majority of deputies because the chamber has the exclusive power to approve the budget. What they want is to continue controlling the budget so that it does not go to the majority but remains in a few hands.”


Outsourcing matter.  One of the matters that will be discussed this week will be what type of agreements can be reached regarding the administration’s initiative to outlaw outsourcing and the business sector’s concerns. The president stated that the two sides would be working together to reach a peaceful path toward realizing this initiative that he said would be beneficial for outsourced workers.


Assets lost in the Master Fraud. The president said that given all the investigations that had been conducted, he wants to know more about the recovery of the assets from the so-called Master Fraud. He also stated that those assets recovered by the FGR should be given to the Institute to Return Stolen Goods to the People (Indep). The Master Fraud is an investigation into about 172 companies accused of corruption, fraud and money laundering during the Peña Nieto administration.



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