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New Rule for Gas Stations / Progress on Air Space Redesign

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 09/07/2020 - 11:09

New rule for gas stations. President López Obrador announced that a new rule to verify that gas stations give full liters to customers will be effective starting in October. He added that although some distributors have fulfilled their obligations, others haven’t and will be verified. Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (PROFECO) head Ricardo Sheffield said tht NOM-005-SCFI-2017 was expected to enter into force in 2018 but an extension was granted to give gas stations time to prepare for changes in both hardware (pumps) and software (the system that controls the pump). “They have had five years to prepare for the entry into force, so there will be no further extension. There are still many gas stations that cheat and with this new norm we can thoroughly solve this problem,” Sheffield said.

Santa Lucía, air space moving forward. The new Santa Lucia airport will be finished and operational by March 2022, President López Obrador said. “Let's just point out that on March 21, 2022, the new Felipe Angeles Airport will be inaugurated and by then, the entire air space control system will be completed,” he said. Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport (SCT) Carlos Alfonso Morán said a complete redesign of the air space is still being carried out. “Studies have made it possible to decide on which spaces to use and how they will be linked,” he said and explained that the navigation system will be based on satellites. “The first phase of the air space redesign for the Metropolitan Airport System will be in operation in December 2020,” he said. Air space and traffic includes operations at the Mexico City and Toluca airports.

Mayan Train ready in 2023. The Mayan Train must be completed by the end of 2023, President López Obrador said. The president noted that he will have a meeting today to decide on section 5 costs and said that if this is too much for public finances, then it might be granted to private companies, “If this is not the case, then we are going to use public funds because this section costs MX$17 billion (US$790 million),” he said.

Applauds Facebook's decision on Lozoya. President López Obrador applauded Facebook's decision to remove accounts linked to former PEMEX head Emilio Lozoya. “It is very important because it helps with transparency. We want Twitter to do the same,” he said. The president noted that this move was needed to fight anonymity in social media, above all fake pages and content linked to political motives. “There is trafficking of lies by networks of political groups and interest groups that use robots to create fake content,” he said.

Criticizes Calderón. President López Obrador criticized former President Felipe Calderón’s retweet of a court’s decision that restricted López Obrador from speaking about the Pope in a commercial that was broadcasted after the second State of the Union message held last week. “Yesterday, Calderón retweeted a message where he celebrates that (the courts) had prevented me from talking about Pope Francis when Calderón attended a mass with the Pope and even received communion as head of the Mexican state,” he lamented. The president called it “a characteristic of conservatives.”

Protests yes, violence no. After a violent takeover of CNDH offices during the weekend, President López Obrador said he respects all demonstrations; however, he does not agree with violence. “I agree with all demonstrations but I do not agree with violence,” he said after the human rights commission office was vandalized, including a Francisco I. Madero painting. “I believe that whoever knows the history of this social fighter knows that we must respect him. Madero is known as the Apostle of Democracy and he gave his life fighting against the Porfirian dictatorship,” he said.


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