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New Vaccines to Be Approved / US to Donate More Vaccines

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 07/27/2021 - 10:53

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador congratulated the Mexican athletes who have won medals during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and assured that Mexico will win more. "We are going to get more medals, I am sure. Our delegation is acting with a lot of professionalism and passion. What our athletes do is admirable. Everything they have achieved is due to their discipline and effort.”

So far, Mexico has won two bronze medals, one by Alejandra Valencia and Luis Álvarez in archery and the other by Gabriela Agúndez and Alejandra Orozco in women’s synchronized 10m platform diving.

Low death rate during the third wave of COVID-19. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell explained that during the third wave of COVID-19, contagions remain on an upward trend. However, the probability of death has been reduced by 87 percent compared to the second wave. “The probability that someone infected will die from COVID-19 is 1.9 percent. During the first wave it was 22 percent and in the second it was 11 percent." López Obrador said that the government has decided that business will not be closed since the third wave is less harmful than the previous waves. "This wave is not as bad as the others. We already know how to take care of ourselves and every day there are more Mexicans vaccinated."

According to the Ministry of Health, since the pandemic began, Mexico has registered 2,754,438 million infections and 238,595 deaths from COVID-19. Yesterday, 5,920 new cases and 171 deaths were reported. With these figures, Mexico remains fourth in terms of the highest number of deaths from COVID-19, behind the US, Brazil and India.

COVID-19 vaccination in the border states is nearing completion. Minister of Security Rosa Icela announced that 2,040,395 million people have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. The doses have been applied in 35 of the 45 border municipalities contemplated for the special vaccination program on the US-Mexico border. “In five days, we will be in the border municipalities of Tamaulipas and with this we will conclude all vaccinations on the northern border. We are closer to the opening of the border with the US.”

The objective of the special vaccination program in these municipalities is to reopen the border between Mexico and the US, which has been closed for more than a year to non-essential activities due to the pandemic. The goal is to vaccinate 2,848,130 million people. Icela said that would be achieved in a month.

US will donate more COVID-19 vaccines to Mexico. López Obrador announced that the US will donate more COVID-19 vaccines to Mexico, although no details were revealed. “There will be a new vaccine donation. I cannot provide more details, but I can say that the US has shown its willingness and determination to help. We currently have very good relations with the US government.”

In June, the US government donated 1.35 billion Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccines to Mexico. These have been used to vaccinate border states. The objective of vaccination at the border was to reactivate commercial and economic activities between both nations.

COFEPRIS to authorize Phase III clinical trials of four COVID-19 vaccines. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard announced that COFEPRIS is analyzing the Walvax, Imbcams, Inovio and Sanofi COVID-19 vaccines to authorize their Phase III clinical trials in Mexico. “We continue to expand the portfolio of vaccines in Mexico. All these studies are being analyzed by COFEPRIS and we hope that it will present its dossier today or tomorrow. These vaccines will make Mexico one of the countries with the largest portfolio of vaccines.”

Mexico is among the leading countries for authorizing vaccines, which gives the country more options to guarantee its vaccine supply and accelerate its vaccination campaign. So far, COFEPRIS has approved the development of the Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, CanSino, Sputnik V, Sinovac, Covaxin and Janssen vaccines. Moderna and Sinopharm vaccines are starting their approval process.

AMLO: US blockade of Cuba is inhumane. López Obrador emphasized that the US’ commercial blockade of Cuba is inhumane and as a result, the Mexican government is sending ships with food and medicine to Cuba. “They are suffering a blockade, which I consider an extreme and inhumane measure. It is a medieval action that shows a great backwardness in foreign policy. We do not agree with the blockade of Cuba.” López Obrador added that Mexico will not be sanctioned by the US as it is an independent and sovereign country.

For almost 60 years, the US has applied an embargo against Cuba, which restricts the arrival of goods into the country. The restrictions seek to affect the country's economy and create enough discontent to force the ruling Communist Party to reform or resign. US President Joe Biden promised to stop implementing Donald Trump's strategy of maximum pressure against Cuba. However, he has not changed or weakened any restrictions. Recently, protests have erupted in Cuba, with demonstrators demanding freedom and a change of government. The protests have polarized countries around the world on whether to put more pressure on the Cuban regime or lift the embargo.

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