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No Secret Deal with Trump / Consumption Boost Coming

By Ricardo Guzman | Tue, 04/14/2020 - 11:55

No secret agreement with Trump. President López Obrador said there was no secret agreement with US President Donald Trump over a decrease in oil production following an agreement among OPEC members and the US’ offer to help Mexico reach its production goals. “There was no secret agreement. The commitment was that we are going to reduce our production by 100,000 barrels per day, which represents a 6 percent cut, while the other countries will reduce their production by 23 percent,” he said.

Plans to boost for consumption. President López Obrador said that after the COVID-19 pandemic is over the economic recovery will start immediately with the injection of funds to boost consumption. “We are already working on that. In May, June and July there will be an injection of money into the population, especially to the poorest, so that they have the capacity to consume,” he said.

Phase 3 is very close. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said that the pandemic is not going to stop soon and warned that Phase 3 of the contagion, which includes the epidemiological stage and regional outbreaks , is getting closer. “At the end of the week, we will see if we are doing well or not and if transmission is actively spreading. In any case, Phase 3 is inevitable,” he said and explained that the only thing people can do right now is to keep isolated and follow all recommendations to slow down the contagion as much as possible.

Requests reports on supply shortages. Deputy Minister of Health López-Gatell called on all health workers to report shortages of equipment and supplies in their hospitals or medical units, since the government has purchased what is needed and started distribution. “Help us find out who prevented equipment and supplies from reaching you. Report them,” he said and lamented that the federal administration is regularly blamed for local problems.

Praises Mexican response over Easter. President López Obrador praised the response of the Mexican people over Easter to keep beaches empty during the holiday period. “The participation of the people has been the axis of the strategy. It was not a curfew, it was a decision by the Mexican people,” he said.



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