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Nuevo Leon should seek alliances/Attack to policemen

By Karin Dilge | Mon, 06/27/2022 - 12:07

Government of Nuevo Leon should seek alliances. President López Obrador proposed the government of Nuevo Leon to seek agreements with businessmen and solve the water scarcity problem that the state is experiencing.  

The president pointed out that many companies use great quantities of water and do not help with this situation. Moreover, López Obrador said he cannot intervene in the state´s decisions but he stressed that there are options such as asking big companies to cut their use of water and destine its citizens.

Nuevo Leon has suffered prolonged drought seasons, and this had led the government to enforce water cuts over the past months. Starting on May 8 until August, 50 percent of the population in the metropolitan area will not have water from 6pm to 6am, unless there is a meteorological phenomenon that refills the water dams. This, in addition to the water cuts that have been enforced once a week where there is no water after 10pm.

The Cierro Prieto and La Boca water dams are at 4 and 11 percent capacity, respectively, with minimal provision to metropolitan supply. Meanwhile, the incorporation of wells to the distribution network is taking longer than expected.

Attack to policemen in Nuevo Leon. President López Obrador regretted the murder of six policemen and said that police forces are already working to find out which criminal group carried out the attack.

On Sunday, six policemen were ambushed after members of a criminal gang attacked them. Last June 17, Governor Samuel Garcia delivered new police cars to the Civil Force said that criminals in Nuevo Leon would pay for their actions. Nuevo Leon has registered a wave of armed attacks in the metropolitan area recently. Since the beginning of the year and until May 31, the state has recorded 543 murders. 

Tax Record. The president asked the Tax Administration System (SAT) to inform the public about the new Tax record administrative process which is obligatory for taxpayers to file starting in 2023. Moreover, he said that if the process gets too complicated for tax payers, then, it should be eliminated. He summoned the head of the SAT, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez to inform the public about the decision to implement this administrative procedure and tax collection.

Recently, the offices of the SAT in various entities of the country were full of people looking to file their Tax Record, a procedure needed to register their payroll receipts in the face of electronic invoicing 4.0.

On June 8, the SAT informed that the implementation of electronic invoicing 4.0 will be extended to 2023 and it will no longer be urgent to issue a Tax Record.


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Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst