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Open to Russian Vaccine / Etileno XXI Must Be Cancelled

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 08/17/2020 - 12:07

Volunteers for Russian vaccine, if effective. If the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 is effective, he will be the first to apply it, President López Obrador said. “So, there is no doubt of the importance it has for us, I would be the first to get vaccinated, because it matters a lot to me,” he said. López Obrador said that he will personally make the same request of other presidents if they’re countries are the first to the reach coveted vaccine. “If Russia or China first get the vaccine and it is shown to be effective in saving lives, we will immediately establish communication. I would speak personally with the president of China, with President Vladimir Putin. The same in the case of the United States,” he said.

Etileno complex XXI must be canceled. President López Obrador said the Etileno XXI complex must be canceled because it was based on a leonine contract. “It is my opinion that it has to be canceled because it was a leonine contract. It has to be reviewed,” he said. Etileno XXI is included in the investigation against former PEMEX head Emilio Lozoya. The president said the Attorneys General Office (FGR) must release videos presented by the protected witness Lozoya, since the whole case is a public affair and the whole truth must be known.

First Santa Lucia inauguration on February 2021. Military runway and air base facilities at Saint Lucia will be inaugurated in February 2021, President López Obrador said. “In February next year, we will inaugurate the military runway and the air base facilities, as a first stage. On March 21, 2022, the airport will be fully inaugurated,” he said.

Reactivation plan in 15 days. A joint economic reactivation plan with the private sector involving infrastructure and energy projects will be presented in two weeks, President López Obrador said. “In 15 days, a project to reactivate the economy will be presented,” he said. The president noted that his strategy of not rescuing the wealthiest first was proven to be effective in the federal COVID-19 crisis recovery effort, since their support never reached the bottom of society.

Foreign investment was not lost. President López Obrador said foreign investment was not lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Yesterday, foreign investment data was released and we did very well. It was thought that foreign investment would stop arriving but that was not the case. We are at the same levels as in the previous quarter,” he said.



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