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Patria Phase III Trials/Electoral Fraud Will Not Be Tolerated

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 05/11/2021 - 10:56

Possibly more vaccines for Mexico. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that during a virtual meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris he requested a loan or advance of AstraZeneca vaccines for Mexico. “They have a considerable amount, the response was favorable and very responsible because she told us that they are in the best disposition to deliver AstraZeneca doses to countries that do not have vaccines, but that before doing so they are testing the vaccine.“

Pregnant women to be vaccinated. Ruy López Ridaura, General Director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, announced that the government will begin vaccinating another vulnerable group: pregnant women who are at least in their ninth week of gestation. López highlighted that pregnant women have a higher risk of being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19. For this reason, the authorities have decided to include them in a priority group for vaccination. “After planning, it was decided to include pregnant women, regardless of their age. They can receive any type of vaccine, all vaccines in Mexico are safe." For more information, click here:

Guatemala will participate in clinical trials of the Patria vaccine. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard announced that Guatemala will participate in Phase III of the Mexican COVID-19 vaccine called Patria. Ebrard highlighted that there is interest from Spain and five Latin America and Caribbean countries to participate in the trials. “During my visit to Spain the following was agreed: Spain has a very advanced vaccine project, we will participate in their Phase III and they will participate in ours,” Ebrard said.

Mexico may participate in clinical trials of the Walvax COVID-19 vaccine. Ebrard announced that Mexico will participate in the Phase III trial of the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine called Walvax. Ebrard said that 6,000 Mexican volunteers will participate in the trials and announced that COFEPRIS is reviewing it to ensure the safety and efficiency of the participants. If accepted, the trials will begin no later than May 30 and Mexico would become the first country, excluding China, to conduct Phase III clinical trials. "There is a new alternative, which is Walvax. We have been informed that the authorities are going to start Phase III studies. It is an mRNA vaccine and does not require freezing," said Ebrard.

AMLO to denounce electoral fraud in his morning conferences. López Obrador said that it is his duty to denounce fraud and corruption during the electoral process and stressed that exposing candidates who act badly does not violate the law. "I am a leader who has fought for democracy. I have suffered fraud. How can I remain silent as president and be an accessory to fraud? No way! All citizens have to help so that our children have a truly democratic system." López Obrador said that he will denounce crimes of any kind, regardless of the candidate, because his job is to guarantee democratic elections.

FGR to investigate candidates from Nuevo Leon. López Obrador said that he supports the FGR's decision to investigate two candidates from Nuevo Leon, Samuel García of the Citizen Movement and Adrián de la Graza of the PRI, for electoral fraud. As for García, there is evidence of electoral crimes, some from the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF); while de la Garza is the subject of an open investigation over claims he asked for votes in exchange for cards that would be exchanged for money if he were to win the election. “A candidate handing out cards, taking advantage of the needs of the people, a false vote and a shameless purchase. An investigation by the Prosecutor's Office must be carried out so that the law is applied, electoral fraud is a serious crime,” added López Obrador.

US to investigate Tamaulipas governor. López Obrador reported that the US asked the UIF for information on the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, over banking irregularities, illegal money transfers and illicit operations. "If we keep quiet and these issues arise in the US, what do they say? There is no justice here. Don’t they accuse us of that? That is why everything they send is being investigated," said López Obrador.

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