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Plan with Private Sector / Parties Should Buy Vaccines

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 09/04/2020 - 10:53

Investment plan to include private sector. After highlighting a recovery in tourism, President López Obrador said an investment plan in being prepared with the private sector. “We are about to carry out an agreement with the private sector. We are deciding in which projects they will participate through investments,” he said, adding that the energy and communications sectors are included. The president has been touting for several months an investment plan with the private sector but to no avail. López Obrador noted that as the COVID-19 pandemic is decreasing, tourism activity will rebound, leading to a jobs recovery in Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo. “Tourism is going to rebound. This is going to help the economy a lot because it was one of the most affected sectors,” he said.

Parties should buy vaccines. President López Obrador called for a 50 percent reduction in political parties’ budgets so these funds can be allocated to purchasing vaccines and medical equipment to help mitigate the COVID-19 health emergency. “My respectful recommendation is to reduce the budget for political parties. There is a bill in Congress,” he said. The president said it would be good if the country’s parties come forward voluntarily since “now is the time to do it,” to donate and that almost MX$30 billion (US$139 million) will be needed to purchase vaccines against the new virus. López Obrador said he was respectful of the decision of the Electoral Tribunal and INE on the creation of two new political parties.

Chemical attack on Toledo. Former Environment Minister (SEMARNAT) Víctor Manuel Toledo’s house was “attacked” with a chemical agent, President López Obrador said, denouncing the action. “There have been no major problems. They went to throw chemicals into the yard of his house and we gave him protection. It is very unpleasant for him since he is not used to having personal protection,”  López Obrador said. An investigation into the case is ongoing. After open disagreements with federal policies, Toledo resigned from SEMARNAT due to his poor health and stress.

Arrests in LeBarón case. President López Obrador said the investigation into the massacre of a US family in Chihuahua is ongoing, and that some people have been arrested. “I do not have the exact day, but I am going to Bavispe. I am committed to going,” he said. After a LeBarón family member lamented the lack of results from the investigation early this week, the president said he will meet with the family to report on the attack in which women and children died.

‘This is not a warning.’ President López Obrador said that if a judge releases AHMSA’s former head Alonso Ancira without paying damage caused to PEMEX’s finances for the overpricing of the Agro Nitrogenados plant, he will personally request an investigation into that judge. “No authority can give any guarantee to those involved if the damage is not repaired. I will request an investigation of the judge. This is not a threat or a warning, but I cannot be a cover-up,” he said. The president said US$200 million mut be returned from the purchase. He had previously twice announced an agreement on the payment, despite not being clear who will be the new owner of the historic steelmaking firm or who agreed to pay.


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