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Preventive Jail Time/Pío López Obrador

By Karin Dilge | Thu, 08/25/2022 - 12:03

Preventive Jail Time. Deputy Minister of Security Ricardo Mejía Berdeja said that if preventive jail time is eliminated it would be left to a judge to decide on the sentence of the detainees which could lead up to more corruption.

After a judge decided that José Bernabé, accused of being the main violence generator in the state of Colima would not be processed, Mejía Berdeja pointed out the importance of preventive jail. Moreover, he explained that preventive jail time operates in an automatic matter and is not arbitrary to the judge. When attribution to a crime like feminicide, homicide, rape, or organized crime is proven, at that moment the prison jail time operates automatically.

The Mexican government asked the Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday to keep preventive jail claiming that it is fundamental for some crimes and ensures that criminals do not evade justice during the criminal trial.

Pío López Obrador. President López Obrador said he has no problem testifying before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) on the case against his brother, who is accused of electoral offenses.

The president mentioned his brother could send his written testimony. “I have nothing to be ashamed of, there is no problem. All information should be delivered to the National Electoral Institute (INE),” he added.

On Aug. 18, the FGR revealed that it would not summon the President López Obrador to testify during his brother´s investigation.  Nonetheless, the defense of his brother asked the Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) to reconsider and take into account the president´s testimony with the purpose of finding out the allocation of the money that Pío López Obrador received from the former federal official David León Romero.

The President’s brother is being investigated for allegedly illegally funding MORENA. In Aug. 2020, Pio López Obrador appeared on a video in which he is receiving money from the Chiapas official León Romero. According to some media outlets, Pío López Obrador received cash support totaling MX$1.4 million (US$70,065) in 2015 for MORENA in Chiapas.

INE’s Budget. President López Obrador informed that the National Electoral Institute’s (INE) budget will not be cut. The approved amount for the entity in 2023 totaled MX$14.4 billion (US$722.5 million).


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Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst