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Problem with ‘Mañaneras’/Higher Growth Forecast

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 06/03/2021 - 10:56

Mexico breaks the record for most vaccines administered in one day. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador once again celebrated that Mexico broke a record by vaccinating 1,061,962 people in one day. The states that applied the most vaccines were the State of Mexico with 221,134 doses, Mexico City with 102,912, Guanajuato with 92,616, Nuevo Leon with 63,565, Tabasco with 53,000 and Jalisco with 50,674. López Obrador said that the vaccination plan will help to prevent a third wave of COVID-19 in Mexico and that if everything goes according to plan, adults over 18 will be vaccinated before October. “We are going to have additional vaccines to fulfill our commitment. We want to take care of everyone so that there is not a new problem like a third wave. Vaccinating before the winter season is our purpose."

AMLO will vote at the National Palace. López Obrador said that he will cast his vote in the legislative elections on June 6 at 10 a.m. at the National Palace. "The voting booth is near the National Palace. It is about 20 meters across the street, and I will be at the National Palace all day on Sunday verifying that democracy is respected at all times.” He also stressed that Mexicans should not be afraid to vote as they will have protection.

Some morning conferences will be withdrawn due to electoral issues. López Obrador said that the government will comply with INE's order to withdraw three morning conferences that included electoral-political issues. "I have a different opinion. I believe that we inform, we do not do propaganda and the Constitution protects us, but if they have a different interpretation and have made a decision, we will respect it."

Government will review the cases of detainees in prisons who have not been sentenced. López Obrador announced that he will send a letter to the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF) to address the situation of people who are in prisons without having received a sentence. "It is a violation of human rights that thousands of people are detained without sentence for many years." López Obrador explained that there are many detainees who do not have a lawyer because they cannot pay it and, therefore, the authorities must help them since many times their cases will not be reviewed if they do not have legal protection.

AMLO promises that there will be no impunity related to the subway accident. López Obrador assured that the deadly accident on Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro will be investigated and those responsible will be found. "There will be justice. We are awaiting the ruling. There will be no impunity. Those responsible will have consequences."

Mexico could achieve 7 percent economic growth in 2021. López Obrador celebrated that the Bank of Mexico (BANXICO) has increased its expectations of the country's economic growth for 2021. "Its growth forecast for the country is 7 percent. It is very good because if there is growth, there are jobs and well-being."

BANXICO said it has forecast growth of up to 7 percent because the country has better conditions for economic growth. These expectations are based on Mexico's vaccination plan, the economic stimulus provided by national and international institutions that seek to increase market confidence, the USMCA that will increase investment and the global economy that has improved.

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Gobierno de México, Milenio
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