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Quintana Roo Reactivation/El Güero’s Release

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 05/03/2021 - 11:41

Tourism in Quintana Roo. Quintan Roo Gov. Carlos Joaquín González said that the reactivation of tourism has been necessary for the state’s economic recovery but that there are strategies in place to fight against COVID-19 contagion. “Fortunately, there has been no out-of-control outbreaks in the state and with the goodwill and responsibility of Quintana Roo residents, businessmen, municipal presidents and the joint work of the government, we have been moving forward appropriately,” he said.


‘El Güero.’ Minister of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez announced that the case against Héctor “El Güero” Palma is being meticulously reviewed following a release order. “The corresponding consultations were initiated with the state prosecutors as well as with the Foreign Ministry to make inquiries to the United States government, to the Department of Justice, to determine if there are any other crimes, another investigation, another arrest warrant.” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador later reported that a 48-hour extension of the deadline was achieved to comply with the order for the release of the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel, who was acquitted of organized crime ordered released.


Impeachment of the governor of Tamaulipas. López Obrador said that the Congress of Tamaulipas protected state Gov. Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca when it refused to uphold the federal Lower House of Congress’s vote last week to impeach him over corruption charges. López Obrador said that this fact will have to be resolved by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. “The Congress of Tamaulipas protected (him). It is a legal process, and I believe that it will be resolved by the court. (The court) will decide what the appropriate, correct procedure is; we will not advance or be in favor of one option or another. If it is a problem of interpretation of the Constitution, of the law, that is why there is the Judicial Power.”




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