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Reactivation with US and Canada / Tax Collection Increase

By Ricardo Guzman | Wed, 04/29/2020 - 11:52

Reactivation plan is moving forward. Mexico is moving forward, assessing with Canada and the US the best plan to resume productive activities stopped during the COVID-19 contingency, President López Obrador said. “Even the US war industry is supplied with parts manufactured in Mexico,” he stated. The president added that there is constant communication between the economic authorities of the three regional partners to craft the best reactivation plan and that once this is done, foreign investments are likely to thrive in Mexico.

Tax collection increased in April. President López Obrador thanked taxpayers for fulfilling their fiscal obligations. “We are about to close April and we are going to have a greater collection compared to last year, even with the crisis,” he said. The president explained that now people are not paying taxes, but creating a better society. “They are not paying taxes, they are contributing, which is different because they know that this money is used to foster a better society,” he said.

New pandemic projection on Thursday. President López Obrador said a new projection for the COVID-19 pandemic will be presented on Thursday and that there is a strong possibility of a gradual return to regular activities in municipalities where no cases have been reported yet. “We are presenting the new projection from scientists, both by doctors who carry out the strategy and by mathematicians to give us the new projections. I am optimistic,” he said.

Blame white-collar criminals on customs. Regular and white-collar criminals are behind the corruption at customs and ports, so the Navy and Army will reinforce security, President López Obrador said. He lamented that some states have pushed back against having officers in strategic management positions. “I asked the Minister of the Navy (Semar) and the Minister of Defense (Sedena) to reinforce security,” he said and accepted that coordination had been lacking with the past General Customs Administration (AGA) heads.

New briefing on social programs. President López Obrador said starting next week there will be a new daily briefing with Minister of Welfare Maria Luis Albores to report on government social programs. This will be the fourth daily press conference held by his administration, joining the president’s daily morning briefing, the federal loans program report and the COVID-19 pandemic briefing.


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Ricardo Guzman Ricardo Guzman Editor