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Reform Initiatives Will Continue/ Pension Budget to Increase

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 06/10/2021 - 11:10

AMLO regrets the repression of the Hawk Strike in 1971. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recalled the anniversary of the Hawk Strike massacre in 1971 and regretted that the government decided to attack, resulting in the death of many protesters. “We want to send a hug to all the relatives of the victims of the repression of June 10. As a representative of the Mexican state, a sincere apology. We reinforce our commitment to non-repetition. Those who protest will never again be repressed."

The Hawk Strike was a massacre of students during the Mexican Dirty War in Mexico City on the day of the Corpus Christi festival. It is called The Hawk Strike due to the involvement of a government paramilitary group known as “Los Halcones,” which killed nearly 120 protesters.

AMLO will continue to present initiatives to Congress. López Obrador stressed that he will continue to send constitutional reforms and initiatives to Congress, even if they are constantly rejected. “Now that a simple majority has been obtained in the Chamber (of Deputies), the adversaries say that there will no longer be constitutional reforms and that the Executive will no longer present initiatives. However, if they are necessary, I will present them.” López Obrador added that the sector that requires the most changes is the energy sector.

Mexican economic policy promotion will continue. López Obrador said that new Minister of Finance and Public Credit Rogelio Ramírez will help consolidate the Mexican economic policy that has been promoted during his administration and stressed that his appointment will be very beneficial since he is one of the best economists in the country. “It is important that the same economic policy that has been applied is going to continue to be promoted. This policy has given us good results. An example is that we are one of the countries that has recovered the best after the pandemic.”

Pension budget will double in 2024. López Obrador said that the pension fund for the elderly will include people over 65 – previously, it was only for those over 70 – and that the budget will double for 2024. It will increase from MX$126 billion (US$6.39 billion) to MX$320 billion (US$16.22 billion). “In January 2024, adults over 65 will receive twice what they are receiving now. This will mean a large budget for 2024. Fortunately, we do not have problems as we have good money management.”

Return to school is not mandatory. López Obrador explained that public and private schools that comply with the requirements of the health protocol and are under an epidemiological green light can return to face-to-face classes. However, he assured that sending children to school is a decision that must be made by schools and families. “I respect those who think differently and I agree that it is very important to return to face-to-face classes; however, it cannot be mandatory. Nothing by force. It must be decided by parents, teachers and directors of public and private schools.”

Definitive suspension in the case of the governor of Tamaulipas. López Obrador said that he regrets the decisions of the judges in the case of the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, but assured he will respect them to maintain the rule of law. “We have to act institutionally, regardless of the decisions of the judges, which are regrettable. It is not possible for the legislative power to decide that the violation and the investigation against the governor of Tamaulipas must proceed. Then the competent authorities do their job and, suddenly, the judge grants legal protection."

A federal judge recently granted the definitive suspension of García's arrest warrant issued by the Attorney General's Office (FGR). García was being investigated for money laundering, with his relationship to organized crime under scrutiny. The Eighth District Court said that on June 22, a constitutional hearing will be held to determine if García can be detained or if he will have procedural immunity.

Investigations into subway accident. López Obrador announced that he agreed to include Former Mexico City Minister of Security Jesús Orta and Mexico City Minister of Finance Mario Delgado in the investigations of the Mexico City subway accident. “All must be investigated. The loss of life of the victims should not be used for petty purposes. It is an unfortunate tragedy that has been seized upon by conservatives."

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