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Rejects Wealth Assessment / Self-evaluation for Companies

By Ricardo Guzman | Tue, 05/19/2020 - 12:08

Rejects wealth assessment. President López Obrador rejected a proposal from MORENA’s interim leader to let INEGI assess people’s wealth, since only public servants have the obligation to report on their assets. “I don't think this is right. This has to be kept private,” he said about his own party’s initiative. The president explained this was not the best way to report on inequality, which he says is rooted in corruption. He also reiterated his call to eliminate excessive consumption and frivolity so Mexico can become “an example of austerity, sobriety and no consumption.”

Self-evaluation to resume activities. Work centers that want to resume activities must carry out a self-evaluation of 78 points based on a comprehensive workplace health and safety assessment, IMSS head Zoé Robledo said. Authorities will respond to the evaluation within 72 hours, stating if the process was approved, insufficient or denied. “If a company receives approval, it could start operations before June 1, but in a staggered and very responsible way,” Robledo explained. Companies that are denied will have to further adjust their processes or training and then try again.

Taking care of the environment. President López Obrador said his administration remains vigilant over natural resources and the environment, since he has not allowed fracking or accepted new mining concessions. “Today, I saw a note saying that fracking permits were allowed. It is not true and I am going to investigate that. In mining, we have not given one single concession because there are millions of hectares under concession that have not been exploited,” he said. The president also ruled out any major impact on the environment from the Maya Train project.

Reopening is everyone's responsibility. Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer called on all sectors of society to act accordingly to move forward in the heath contingency plan, and said companies already have their guidelines. “The success of the reopening is everyone's responsibility. We cannot get ahead of ourselves. The Mexican government has made guidelines available to companies to achieve a responsible reopening of work activities,” Alocer said.

Defends successful strategy. President López Obrador said the government's strategy to face the COVID-19 pandemic has been a success, since more developed countries failed to provide health services. “Not even countries with a greater economic development could solve the problem of bed availability and doctors. For us, the strategy has been very successful,” he said, while criticizing reports that question his achievements based on comparisons. “Sometimes our adversaries exaggerate,” he said.



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