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‘Remain in Mexico’ Reinstated/PEMEX Recovery

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 08/26/2021 - 11:52

21 for 21. Paco Ignacio Taibo, Director of the Economic Culture Fund (FCE), announced that the fund would reissue books by Mexican authors in a collection called “21 for 21” as part of the calendar of historical commemorations in 2021. This is the largest book gift operation in the history of Latin America, said Taibo. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador added that, “We are going to launch a program of reissues of books by writers from our country. This collection is called 21 for 21. Not only have these books been published, but the Economic Culture Fund has a lot of book production (capacity). Only a few times in history have books been published that are sold at very low prices.”


AMLO’s book. López Obrador’s latest book will go on sale this weekend. The book, “Halfway through the road,” details his relationship with former US President Donald Trump and his term in office to date. “Halfway through the road” is the second book that López Obrador has written during his presidency.


“Remain in Mexico.” After the US Supreme Court said President Joe Biden must reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” program to prevent thousands of migrants from crossing the border, López Obrador supported the view of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) that the ruling does not have a direct implication for Mexican immigration management. “We are talking with the United States government regardless of the judicial decisions because this is not just a legal issue, it is a social, human, moral issue.” López Obrador emphasized that such judicial decisions do not bind Mexico and that the country’s immigration policy is designed and executed in a sovereign manner. The decision came after the highest US court found that the Biden administration possibly violated federal law when it tried to put an end to “Remain in Mexico,” as the program established by the administration of former President Donald Trump is known. Asylum seekers were returned to their country while waiting for their cases to be resolved. 


Corruption at PEMEX. López Obrador said that thanks to the people saying “enough” to corruption, his government has been able to pull PEMEX out of a hole. “PEMEX is recovering from a crisis inherited over many years of neglect because the purpose of the neoliberal governments was for PEMEX to go bankrupt in order to privatize oil, that was the main plan, to ruin PEMEX and CFE. Fortunately, the people of Mexico said ‘enough’ and the campaign rang out, the change was made and we have dedicated ourselves to strengthening them.” López Obrador also said that despite a fire on a PEMEX platform last weekend that killed five people, the company would be able to increase production from 1,800,000 barrels a day on average to more than 2 million.




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