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Salinas to Blame over Dam / Independence Celebration Detailed

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 09/11/2020 - 10:54

AMLO says Salinas to blame over water controversy. During the Carlos Salinas administration, more water was given to the US, President López Obrador said. “When the Salinas administration was at its peak, it was Baeza and Barrio (who gave away more water), and they went too far,” he said, referring to former Chihuahua governors José Reyes Baeza and Francisco Barrio. At today’s briefing, National Water Commission (CONAGUA) head Blanca Jiménez unveiled details about the water treaty signed by Mexico and the US in 1944. Jiménez said Chihuahua had received 100 percent of the water from the agreement for the last five years, while other border and neighboring states failed to receive that amount. She also lamented that a dirty campaign was ongoing, suggesting that water levels were critical in the dam when there has never been such a risk.

Protecting federal facilities. After clashes at a Chihuahua's La Boquilla dam and rising tension between local communities and the National Guard, President López Obrador criticized those “who now pretend to be champions of sovereignty” but who are truly behind the unrest. The president unveiled a detailed report of all 17 PAN and PRI members who were acting authorities when “the true problem over water started” or who he says are currently colluding with interests. López Obrador asserted that the National Guard monitors dams because those are strategic facilities. Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral has asked that the government relocate the guard members. “These are strategic facilities of the state. They are like ports, airports and refineries. They must be taken care of,” he said.

Independence celebration detailed. National festivities to celebrate Mexico’s independence will be held from Sept. 13 to 16, President López Obrador said. On Sept. 13, a ceremony to commemorate the Niños Héroes is scheduled at Castillo de Chapultepec. On Sept. 15, the traditional independence ceremony known as El Grito will take place as always in Mexico City’s main square, El Zocalo. “There is going to be a representation in images of our republic. The entire national territory will be represented, illuminated on the Zocalo. And then, a flame of hope will be lit, a torch,” the president noted. Prior to the Sept. 16 military parade, doctors and health staff who lost their lives caring for COVID-19 patients will be honored. No general public and only armed forces personnel will be allowed to participate.

Asks for investigation into women’s arrest. President López Obrador said he will ask for a report on the arrest of women after protests at the Human Rights Commission in Ecatepec. “An investigation must be launched and protection must be provided so no one can hurt them,” he said. Another CNDH facility was taken yesterday by women demanding results in several cases related to gender violence, but they were evicted by the State of Mexico Police early this morning.



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