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Security in Campeche / Back to School Plans

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 03/25/2021 - 10:30

Campeche. Speaking alongside President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who held the morning briefing in Campeche, Carlos Miguel Aysa González, governor of Campeche, talked about the efforts made by the state to enter the green and yellow epidemiological traffic light. He also said that Campeche is a safe state, having just seven homicides registered per month and with a low crime rate. Aysa González also highlighted the fact that only one femicide has been registered in the last seven months. Crimes against women have been in the spotlight in Mexico this past year.


Back to school. Aysa González announced that the state would be opening 137 schools in communities with few inhabitants, without an internet connection and with a green epidemiological traffic light.

AMLO added that children would return to school after Easter to allow for the vaccination of all older adults. Chiapas, Veracruz, Sonora and Chihuahua are also in a position to return to classes, taking into account the epidemiological traffic light, added by López Obrador.


General Council. After the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) proposed to make changes regarding overrepresentation in the Chamber of Deputies, the president said, “I am not going to judge, only to say that there is a political strategy against us so that the transformation movement does not have a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. ... I hope that this action by INE is not part of that purpose, that plan, that by modifying the rules it is intended that our movement … does not have a majority in the Chamber of Deputies.”


COVID-19 vaccine. López Obrador said Mexico must coordinate with other countries to obtain vaccines against COVID-19. “In this case of vaccines and the health of the people, universal brotherhood must prevail over hegemonies,” he said. “When it comes to obtaining vaccines to protect the people, we have to relate to everyone and seek solidarity and universal brotherhood.” The statement was made after the US government warned about using the vaccines for political gain or influence, described as “vaccine diplomacy.” The president also addressed the fake COVID-19 vaccines that were seized in Campeche. “According to the investigation in Campeche, some Sputnik vaccines had nothing to do with those that the government is receiving, which is why it was important to make the decision that the vaccines would be handled by the federal government, so as not to have many cases like this.”





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