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Sowing Life initiative/AMLO to get COVID Jab

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 04/19/2021 - 11:34

‘Sowing Life’ proposal. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he would propose expanding his “Sowing Life” program for Central American migrants as part of a new migration proposal between North and Central America that he will present at climate conference later this week with US President Joe Biden.  “This proposal is accompanied by the offer that if producer working in the program is working for three years, receiving support, that they are entitled to a temporary work visa to go to the United States for six months and return for six months,” said López Obrador. The “Sowing Life” program encourages poor families to work on reforestation projects in return for federal economic help.


Carlos Slim. The president met with Mexican billionaire businessman Carlos Slim. After the meeting, López Obrador said that Slim remains very interested in continuing to invest in Mexico. “He is a businessman with a social dimension, he is very institutional, respectful, he believes in the country. He is investing in Mexico and he will have no obstacle because we need investment in the country,” López Obrador said.


COVID-19 vaccines. The president clarified that if more vaccines are needed than are planned, there is a budget to get them. “If more is required, there is budget availability without going into debt because we have healthy public finances.” He then announced that he would receive his vaccination on Tuesday during the morning press conference.


Arturo Zaldívar. López Obrador again addressed the possible extension of Arturo Zaldívar as president of the Supreme Court of Justice. “If the period is not extended, whoever arrives will be more of the same, it will mean more of the same, more of the above; then let’s not forget that we are here to transform, we don’t come to keep things the same,” he said. Last week, López Obrador said he supported an extension for Zaldívar, and repeated his support today.





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