Support ‘Buen Fin’/Ricardo Anaya developments
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Support ‘Buen Fin’/Ricardo Anaya developments

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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 11/08/2021 - 12:14

‘El Buen Fin.’ Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier provided recommendations on some ways in which Mexican consumers can take advantage of the "El Buen Fin" sales week while also helping to boost the Mexican economy and benefiting Mexican families. "The main recommendations are to take advantage of the advantages offered by electronic commerce, compare prices, promote purchases from micro, small and medium-sized companies and make a list of what you want to buy. Do not buy what you cannot afford. If someone is thinking of taking a trip, it is a good time to buy and review the conditions of sale." President Andrés Manuel López Obrador added that citizens must adapt and take advantage of this year's discount sale edition, which will take place from Nov. 10 to 16. “It is very important to participate in this promotion. The Buen Fin will undoubtedly be very successful because there are … unbeatable conditions. The economy of our country is in a clear condition of recovery.”


Gas station fined. Ricardo Sheffield, head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), announced that a gas station in the north of the country would be sanctioned for not allowing the verification of its facilities. Last week, the agency dealt with 237 complaints presented through its Liter x Liter application, for which 182 verifications were carried out. Sheffield also said that the price of LP gas continues to range below the maximum prices established by the country's regulatory authorities. “In all cases, the price has been below the maximum price established by CRE and the Ministry of Energy. It has been seen that although the international price has risen, the maximum price has been respected throughout the country and we continue to find cases below the maximum price in Tlaxcala, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi.”


Ricardo Anaya. López Obrador asked former PAN presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, "to show his face" and respond to accusations about the alleged receipt of bribes to approve the Energy Reform during the previous federal administration. "He should face things, clarify if he received the money, if he met with (former President Enrique) Peña (Nieto), what issues did they discuss? What was your role when the so-called structural reforms were approved?” López Obrador said. “What were his motivations?" he added. López Obrador also stressed that he did not give instructions to the Attorney General's Office to punish Anaya, who this Monday will have his initial hearing in the North Prison of Mexico City over accusations of receiving bribes.


US complaints over electrical reform. López Obrador said that there have been no complaints from the US about the electrical reform. "We do not have any type of complaint, neither over the electrical issue nor over our oil policy. They have been very respectful of our sovereignty because we are not a colony, a protectorate. Mexico is a country, free, independent and sovereign.”




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Photo by:   GOBMEX

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