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Thankful Border Wall Omitted / CCE Endorses Agenda With US

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:08

AMLO thankful border wall not on agenda. President López Obrador thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump for not addressing the border wall during the Mexican president’s recent visit to Washington. “We appreciate that it was not addressed in public. It was not discussed because we tried to base the meeting on shared interests, putting aside our differences,” he said.  López Obrador highlighted that he represented the people of Mexico with decorum and dignity in the US.

CCE sent letter to AMLO. Minister of Economy (SE) Graciela Márquez said Business Council (CCE) head Carlos Salazar sent a letter to President López Obrador endorsing the Mexican government’s stance on the USMCA trade treaty and future relations with the US. “In the letter, he talks about how we have to back each other so the USMCA reaches its full potential,” Márquez said. Salazar also expressed his support for “the successful working visit to Washington,” since it is crucial to maintain a close dialogue with the country’s main trade partner.

US border closure to be expanded. With COVID-19 cases rising in the US South, traffic across the Mexico-US border will be restricted until August, Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard said. “Cases in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are increasing. It would not be prudent to reopen since a resurgence of the virus is likely,” he said. Non-essential travel restrictions on the border will remain effective until August. Ebrard also said the US will continue to report on the progress of the investigation into the Fast and Furious operation.

Extradition process against Tomás Zerón. Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard said the extradition process against the former head of the Ayotzinapa investigation, Tomás Zerón, is moving forward. Ebrard said the same extradition process carried out against former Chihuahua Gov. César Duarte will be used for Zeron’s extradition after he was located in Canada. Gov. Duarte was arrested in Florida early this week prior to President López Obrador’s visit to the US. Zerón is accused of lying during the investigation into the infamous disappearance of 43 students in 2014.


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