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Third Wave Risk/ Mexico To Demand Vaccine Access

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 04/06/2021 - 10:53

COVID-19 third wave risk. Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer celebrated that Mexico has had a 10-week decrease in COVID-19 cases; however, he called on Mexicans to continue taking care of themselves to avoid a third wave of contagion. Alcocer explained that after the first wave it was thought that Mexico had gone through the worst of the pandemic but in reality, it was just beginning. "I call (on Mexicans) to avoid a third wave. We have a responsibility to minimize the impact on Mexican children. What we all want is to recover from the pandemic and it will continue to be a challenge for a while," said Alcocer. }

Government does not expect a COVID-19 outbreak after the Easter holidays. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador downplayed the potential for a higher number of COVID cases following the Easter holidays because the pandemic no longer has the same impact. "We could be wrong because humans sometimes make mistakes. However, we think that we will keep the pandemic under control and that there will not be a new outbreak."

Mexico breaks the record for most people vaccinated. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell announced that on March 31, the country broke the record for most people vaccinated, with more than 470,000 in a single day. He explained that there has been a significant advance in the vaccination of the elderly. "We have almost covered half of the elderly residents in the country," he said. In addition, López-Gatell explained that more than 99 percent of the 14,021 reactions to the vaccine have been mild and announced that new vaccines will arrive in the country in the coming days to increase vaccination capacity. “The vaccines are free. Everyone has a guaranteed vaccine," said López-Gatell.

AMLO will be vaccinated in about two weeks. López Obrador assured that he will receive the vaccine in 15-20 days to clear up doubts after he said recently his doctors had told him he had built up enough antibodies against the virus. But he said he wanted to make an example so that "all those who had COVID-19 like me, do not wait so long and give that example to protect themselves." Alcocer said he received the AstraZeneca vaccine, but explained he would have liked to receive the Patria dose. "I would have wanted the Patria vaccine, that vaccine that Mexicans have the opportunity to do. That would have been my choice."

AMLO calls on guarantees of access to vaccines that have already been agreed. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard said that the main producers of COVID-19 vaccines are in phases of intensive and massive production, which increases inequality in vaccination, and therefore, it is more difficult to gain access to them. Ebrard explained that due to the increase in vaccination inequality around the world, López Obrador has asked him to guarantee that vaccine-producing companies respect agreements and to deliver them without delay. As a result, Ebrard will travel to Moscow to sign a new agreement. “The goal is to have the agreed vaccines in the coming weeks, so that the vaccination of the elderly and other sectors is completed,” said Ebrard.

Older adults and teachers will be vaccinated. López Obrador explained that older adults and teachers will be vaccinated by next month, which will allow those under 60 years of age to start receiving the vaccines. "In May, when we have vaccinated the elderly and teachers, the vaccination of the (next population group) will begin; that is, those under 60 years. We are doing very well," said López Obrador.

Huachicol crimes are being addressed. López Obrador explained that criminals went from stealing fuel to stealing natural gas and assured that his government will continue to fight these crimes. “We will not stop fighting against the huachicol (to steal and sell fuel illegally). From the theft of gasoline, they went to the theft of gas, but we are already facing these types of crimes. The smuggling of gasoline is also being addressed and that is why the initiative on hydrocarbons was presented to have more control, ”said López Obrador.

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