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Top Court to Review Electricity Law/ New Economic Crisis

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 03/18/2021 - 11:19

Vicente Rojo passes away. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lamented the death of the artist Vicente Rojo Almazán, who died on Wednesday at the age of 89. “I want to send my deepest condolences to his family, friends and the entire cultural artistic community of Mexico,” López Obrador said. López Obrador highlighted that Rojo was born in Barcelona and arrived in Mexico in 1949 and that "despite being Spanish, he felt very Mexican." In addition, López Obrador recalled some of Rojo’s outstanding works and highlighted that the Plaza Juarez fountain in Alameda was one of the works Rojo created when López Obrador was the head of Mexico City government.

Electricity Law to be reviewed by top court for irregularities in its suspension. López Obrador explained that days before a judge suspended his Electricity Industry Law, several magistrates had already "corrected the page." López Obrador explained that the legal adviser in the case told him that before the judge decided to suspend the reform, he had generalized a ruling to several companies, which led the judges to correct it, saying that the judge could not grant suspensions to those who did not request it. “It is interesting what this judge did. He generalized his ruling and made it extensive," he said. López Obrador explained that this situation will be used as complementary evidence to the Federal Judicial Council, since the resolution was approved unanimously prior to the judge's decision. López Obrador explained that the decision will be made by the Judiciary of Mexico, which must review the case and carry out a correct analysis.

Mexico could have another economic crisis. López Obrador said Mexico is not exempt from a new economic crisis and explained that this new crisis would be due to external issues and not internal. "The economy contracted, but now we are growing and recovering; however, we must be prepared." López Obrador assured that his government is not going to spend more money than it generates and said that Mexico has healthy finances because "there is no devaluation, reserves are growing, there is no high inflation, and the economy is growing." López Obrador explained that due to the pandemic, many countries increased their debt. The US is injecting into its economy the equivalent of eight years of Mexico’s budget. “We cannot behave like this and that is why we must take care of ourselves, especially now that there is third wave of contagion.”

AMLO denies that drug cartels control Mexico. López Obrador denied the statements from Head of the US Northern Command Glen D. VanHerck that drug cartels dominate a third of the country to carry out their crimes. "What he said is not true; however, we respect everyone’s opinions. We will continue to have good relations with the US government. We are not going to fight with them," said López Obrador. In addition, López Obrador said that US President Joe Biden has not asked for any security support. "He is very respectful with us and we will not get into fights." Yesterday, VanHerck said that around 35 percent of Mexico suffered from ungovernability, which has allowed criminal groups to promote drug and human trafficking into the US. VanHerck said the border is experiencing two problems: the pandemic and the instability created by transnational criminal organizations, which can be seen in how many people want to leave their countries to come to US. Nevertheless, VanHerck highlighted that the cooperation with the Mexican military is very good.

AMLO calls for democracy within the country’s unions. López Obrador asked the country's workers to implement actions and respect the union democracy because there are leaders who only want to benefit personally. "I ask the workers to promote these changes, to help have good leaders and honest union representatives. We do not want corruption," said López Obrador. López Obrador said that the leaders of the Mexican Oil Workers Union (STPRM) still believe that things have not changed in the country. “Those who want to replace Romero Deschamps and other leaders want to get people out for personal gain,” he said. López Obrador said that it is necessary to promote union democracy to avoid impositions; however, he emphasized this fight belongs to the workers and that the government can only guarantee democratic elections. "We need democracy in the country’s unions, and it is the worker who has to demand that, because we cannot get involved," said López Obrador.

Recently, STPRM leaders criticized the retirement of the former director of Pemex, Romero Deschamps, because although it is legal, his retirement income will be very high. However, the workers said that after his retirement, Deschamps will be a judge within the union in an effort to recover all the goods that allegedly were stolen. Later, the leaders will seek to reach the corresponding institutions to process them for fraud and fraudulent administration, reported Milenio.


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