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Transparency in Bribes Case/ASF’s Wrong Data

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 02/24/2021 - 11:32

US$17 million returned. Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Minister of Security and Citizen Protection, announced that the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) and of the Navy (SEMAR) had given the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) a total of US$17 million confiscated as a result of criminal activity from 2018 to 2021. “All these assets are reparations from the damage that the Mexican nation has suffered and that damage has been recovered,” said Alejandro Gertz Manero, head of the FGR. He also noted that the FGR’s handling of the case of Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, governor of Tamaulipas, would be transparent. “There will be no lack of transparency, there will be no case of revenge of any political type, of any nature. The trial will be public before Congress with all the evidence (available).”  García has been accused of receiving bribes to support the Energy Reform.


Texcoco airport miscalculation. This week, the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) said that the cancellation of the new airport at Texcoco (NAIM) would cost more than expected, to which AMLO said he had other data disputing that claim. The ASF later retracted its statement. Today, López Obrador mentioned that the ASF had “made a mistake in their accounts and I am glad they have rectified it. Imagine, they were calculating 75 percent more for the cancellation of the Texcoco airport, so they clarified it, they recognized the error.”


Electricity Industry Law reform. The president thanked the country’s deputies for approving the reform of the Electricity Industry Law, calling it a big step toward strengthening the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).


COVID-19 vaccine. AMLO said that “there are sufficient doses” of the COVID-19 vaccine. “Do not despair and think that only one day you have to go,” referring to senior citizens who have shown concern that they have not yet been able to receive the vaccine.





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Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst