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Trudeau to Decide on USMCA Meeting / Security Against Threats

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 07/03/2020 - 12:11

Canadian Prime Minister to decide today. President López Obrador said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will confirm today if he will attend next week’s meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington. “Today, Canada will decide whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is joining us, or it will be just a ceremony between the United States and us,” he stated. The president also again addressed the possibility of being tested for COVID-19 for the first time, if it becomes necessary. Although the USMCA trade treaty is the reason for the meeting, López Obrador said he might ask about the Fast and Furious operation, an illegal and botched security plan during the administrations of President Barack Obama and President Felipe Calderon.

Security against threats. President López Obrador said the security cabinet will collaborate in the protection of Jalisco Gov. Enrique Alfaro and Human Rights Commission (CNDH) head Rosario Piedra, after death threats from organized crime. The president said communication with Jalisco’s governor is ongoing to help him in whatever he considers necessary. “We will help with his security. He can count on us and the same goes for Rosario Piedra,” he said.

Intelligence reports warned of attack. President López Obrador said that 10 days before the attack against Mexico City Security head Omar García Harfuch, intelligence reports warned that a criminal group would target a high public official in the city. “There are constant announcements, calls, threats to public officials and precautions are always taken. This has to do with intelligence, but not espionage,” he said regarding the notorious attack in Mexico City two weeks ago using large-caliber Barrett rifles.

Healthy and working to achieve transformation. President López Obrador said he is healthy and working hard to transform the country. “We are living a stellar moment in Mexico’s history as key players of this change, in which millions of Mexicans are participating,” he said. The president highlighted his health is at 100 percent after his 2013 heart attack. “I am fine, I take my medicines and I have the strength to move forward,” he said.

Calls to respect his family. President López Obrador asked his adversaries to face him directly, but not to mess with his family. He said his wife Beatriz Gutierrez won’t run for any public position and even has no role as First Lady. “She is an independent woman with her own criteria,” he said about the recent controversy in a Tweeter discussion on children with cancer. Minutes before, while addressing his coming US tour, the president said he had already bought his tickets, but that he wouldn’t detail the schedule to avoid providing provocateurs with an advantage.


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