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US-Mexico Border/Health Measures for Elections

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 05/06/2021 - 10:41

Countries show solidarity with Mexico after subway accident. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked several countries for their solidarity after a subway accident in Mexico City that left 25 dead and 79 injured. López Obrador said that he has received many messages and highlighted those of US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. "I take this opportunity to thank the world for their solidarity." López Obrador said that investigations have begun to find the cause of the accident and to determine responsibility. He added that Mayor of Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum is reporting the findings on a daily basis.

Reopening of US-Mexico border. López Obrador announced that he would discuss the reopening of the US-Mexico border during a virtual meeting tomorrow with US Vice President Kamala Harris, which will include the reactivation of non-essential activities that were closed due to COVID-19. "We need to normalize the relationship on the border. They are considering it and we are also considering it. Therefore, it is very likely that this will be achieved soon." López Obrador added that although migration would be the central theme of the meeting, it would be a good opportunity to discuss other issues.

New shipment of Sinovac vaccine arrives. López Obrador celebrated the arrival of the Sinovac vaccines in Mexico, which will be used as a second dose. "Yesterday, more than 600,000 people were vaccinated. It was a record day for vaccinations, and the good thing is that new vaccines such as Sinovac continue to arrive."

Plan to avoid contagions during elections. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell said that the plan and the measures that INE will implement to avoid contagion during the June 6 legislative elections are great since they will allow citizens to exercise the right to vote safely and without risks. "INE anticipated the situation and designed a friendly plan with health measures. It is very well done. The president said there was no way we were going to cancel the elections, so we had to adapt and move on."

INE announced that it will invest MX$340 million (US$16.8 million) to protect citizens during the elections. Among the measures are the disinfection of materials, masks will be mandatory, disinfectant and masks will be provided to voters who do not have them and there will be a protocol to ensure distancing between voters.

Refinery plant in Hidalgo will be completed. López Obrador announced that the government had decided to finish the construction of the refinery in Tula, Hidalgo, which was abandoned by previous governments. López Obrador reiterated that he is eliminating corruption from PEMEX and, as a result, the government is reviewing previous contracts. "Now these plants are being acquired, the contracts are being reviewed and we have not finished because previous governments did a lot of damage."


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