Vote ‘Yes’ for Electricity Reform/Advice for INE
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Vote ‘Yes’ for Electricity Reform/Advice for INE

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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 12/29/2021 - 11:40

Threats against journalist. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that no complaints had been received by the security cabinet regarding death threats against journalist Ricardo Ravelo, who on Twitter said that he would go to court to have his case heard. The journalist tweeted, “If they kill me, you all already know who is responsible. I ask for Alfaro to file a lawsuit. See you in the international courts, not those in the grips of the mafia.” López Obrador said he saw the tweet on the social platform but that it does not mean that Jalisco state Gov. Enrique Alfaro is guilty. He added that the matter would be handled officially through legal processes.


Ravelo is an investigative journalist who has publicly linked Alfaro to organized crime, claims which Alfaro has denied. Alfaro has threatened to sue Ravelo over the allegations. López Obrador further offered to provide Ravelo with protection if it was found that there were credible threats against the journalist.


Electricity reform. López Obrador said that legislators have to assume responsibility if they vote against the Electricity Reform and that those who plan to vote against reform do so in favor of those who intend to “continue stealing” from the people of Mexico. López Obrador also made it clear that he would not try to influence anyone to win approval for the legislation.


Complaints against INE. López Obrador applauded President of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Gutiérrez’s decision to withdraw a criminal complaint against INE advisers. López Obrador said that Gutiérrez had reflected on this action that has caused controversy and criticism, particularly from legislators belonging to opposition parties. Speaking about Gutiérrez, López Obrador said, “you do not have to persecute anyone. Freedom, zero repression, zero censorship and not give reason to these conservatives who are looking everywhere to become champions of freedom when they are not.”


Gutiérrez, a member of López Obrador’s MORENA party, had denounced the members of the electoral institute (INE) who voted to postpone a referendum, promoted by López Obrador himself, on the revocation of the president’s mandate. The Revocation of Mandate law allows citizens to remove elected officials from office through a popular referendum. INE has said it does not have the funds to carry out the referendum after its budget had been cut.


Recommendations for INE. López Obrador proposed carrying out a collection to hire pollsters to conduct the Revocation of Mandate. “It would not take long. It could even be done by telephone and another part in (people’s) homes, the result is obtained and it is made known,” he said. López Obrador also gave a series of recommendations to INE related to the 2022 elections and confirmed that there would be an electoral reform proposal. “What would I respectfully recommend to the INE members? First, that they respect the people. They should think of the citizens who are the country’s main actors, rich or poor. Second, they should act like true judges.”




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Photo by:   GOBMEX

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