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Building a Cybersecurity Front Is a Collective Responsibility

John Clayton - Arista Technologies Mexico


Andrea Villar By Andrea Villar | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 09/07/2021 - 05:00

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Q: How does Arista Technologies stand out in such a competitive market?

A: Arista Technologies builds close relationships with people and our business partners. We are in the cybersecurity business but we believe in building strong relationships with companies and creating awareness of cybersecurity. We believe that by taking a client-centric approach and getting people to know who we are, we have a great opportunity to expand our presence in Mexico and Latin America. When people speak about cybersecurity, integrity, trust and relationship building, I want companies and potential clients to think about Arista Technologies. My goal is to make sure that businesses and governments take action and do not become blindsided by not doing anything. 

We believe that we build strong relationships with our clients sets us apart from our competitors. One key important reason as to why we differ from our competitors is that we build solutions to protect operational technology (OT)

One of the factors that have contributed to our growth is the magnificent people working in Arista Technologies. We have some phenomenal people who have gained experience over the years within the cybersecurity industry. Our presence and influence are increasing. My role now is to make Arista Technologies the No. 1 cybersecurity company in Mexico. We also have a unique value proposition. Companies really do need a policy and security strategy in place and that is where we believe our technology can help. 

Q: How do you plan to address the challenge of low awareness of cybersecurity in the Mexican market? 

A: The government can play a big role in ensuring that companies, especially those within the industry sector, take cybersecurity seriously. My goal is to deliver the message that no one is infallible. We live in a small world and a threat to business can also be a threat to the Mexican economy. We, companies, entrepreneurs and governments have a collective responsibility. If we can bridge that gap and make the government understand its role, we can improve Mexico’s position in the Cyber Index League. We can only do that by taking collective action.

As a society, we know one of the biggest threats is climate change and alongside this, I believe cybersecurity is a similar sizable threat. Some SMEs think cyberattacks will not happen to them so they do not see a need to have a strong cybersecurity policy in place. Whatever industry we are in, whatever lifestyle you have, people are going to be affected.

Q: Cybersecurity in industrial operations needs to take into account third-party risk. What is your approach to that?

A: Managing third-party risk is all about collaboration. This is like a domino effect, where it only takes one to be knocked down and all of them collapse. Our goal is to help customers and businesses create cybersecurity strategies and understand the devastating consequences of these threats. The consequences do not just concern data loss; the organization itself can be completely shut down. A company’s reputation can also be damaged, which can cause numerous problems for small and medium-sized companies. It can take only five minutes to ruin a company, especially if that company could have done something to prevent it. We all have a collective responsibility to ensure the safety of our businesses.


Arista Technologies, is a Canadian-based Cyber Security company leader in Cybersecurity services. identify vulnerabilities, build solutions to protect operational technology (OT assets) systems. Arista Technologies provides one of the finest advisory services in the world

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