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Centralized Solutions Spur Success in the New Reality

By Andrea Villar | Mon, 11/30/2020 - 05:00

Q: What have been Corporativo ICSI’s main contributions to the technology market?

A: Our contribution has been to facilitate the adoption of technological solutions among our clients. We focus mainly on the customer’s needs and constraints to understand what their opportunity areas are and how to best take advantage of technology. Being able to influence core processes has allowed us to improve our customer's performance. At ICSI, we focus on five specific technology areas. One is everything that has to do with processing and storage infrastructure for data centers. We also cover solutions in telecommunications and media infrastructure, such as optical fiber, data center creation and even physical security systems like video surveillance and control access. Another area we have is applications and data provisioning and virtualization which includes the creation of clouds and virtual environments. Likewise, we offer business solutions where we automate business process models. We program and connect them with financial control systems to do data mining. We also have an area for cybersecurity. 

Q: How have you adapted to the conditions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Without a doubt, it has been a challenge to meet companies’ needs in this new normality, which includes business continuity, remote workforce management and cybersecurity. Faced with this new reality, companies want to ensure that users do not misuse information or violate security. Before, companies only cared about protecting what was inside their offices but now they have to shield everything, even the sidelines. Many industries, including the financial sector, have realized that they could work remotely forever. They have even realized the economic and sustainability benefits this has but also the cybersecurity challenges this entails.

One of the great opportunities we had because of the pandemic was that most company processes had to migrate to digital channels. As we specialize in virtual environments, we could support companies wanting to bring employees virtually to their offices. We achieved this through virtualization scenarios such as the cloud, always guaranteeing that information was secure during its access, control and administration. 

Q: How would you describe the level of preparation of Mexican companies against cyberthreats?

A: This is one of the great challenges that companies have had to face. Before the pandemic, many of them already had solutions to connect remotely. However, these were not adequate to face the growing challenge of cybercrime. Before, when some people in the company were traveling, they used to connect through VPNs, which gave cybercriminals access to all the company's information. This has been a big deal during the pandemic because everyone is working from home (maybe permanently from now on). That said, through virtual scenarios, we can give limited and controlled access to users in order to protect the company's infrastructure and information. 

A company may have the best cybersecurity tools but if there is no comprehensive strategy or best practice, no tool will be effective. Most cyberattacks come from within companies, not intentionally but mostly because of ignorance. Unfortunately, the pandemic combined two things: it accelerated the need to digitalize companies’ entire processes and also highlighted financial limitations. This has made it harder for companies to get ready for this new environment.

Q: What sets Corporativo ICSI apart in Mexico’s technology sector?

A: Our DNA is centered around efficiency in processes digitalization. Our accumulated experience and the way we have integrated different solutions is what makes us different from other Systems Integrators in the market. In Mexico, there are not many companies that have had the same approach, simply because the need was not as clear as it is today.

We have gradually changed the perception of IT departments that thought they needed to have different systems for every issue. It is possible to centralize all solutions. As a result, we have achieved significant savings for our customers regarding their budgets. We can make the most of all our customers' solutions. 


Corporativo ICSI is a Mexican technology company created in 1986 that provides diverse solutions for storage, processing, cloud computing, cybersecurity and telecommunications

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