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Enabling Personalized Contact

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 13:53

Q: Resorts Advantage provides back office services for the tourism industry. What particularities have to be considered when providing these services?

A: The most important element is to always provide quality services. As the intermediary between the hotel and the guest, we have a tremendous amount of responsibility since we represent the most prestigious hotel chains in the world. Hotel guests need to feel from their first call that they are receiving the service they expect. Meeting this expectation entails a number of factors: simplicity in the reservation and payment processes and the provision of recommendations for different destinations. We have to provide them with this variety of information. These are the sorts of services that determine whether a client decides to stay with the same brand for their next vacation.

Q: How does Resorts Advantage contribute to improving the business performance of its clients?

A: We provide an integral service, with a specialization in vacation properties, although this is not our only focus. Our services include the development of call-centers, teams dedicated to customer service and teams focused on supporting sales made by our clients, whether time shares or hotel chains. Hotel guests indirectly end up being our clients because we represent hotels and we end up managing the individuality and personality of the hotel, which means that we have to tailor our services to fit each brand that we manage.

Q: What challenges does a company like Resorts Advantage usually face?

A: As a company, we must adapt our services to the specifics of every experience we offer, meaning that every hotel chain designs packages with different benefits and services. We have to adapt to every product and comply with its personality and requirements and at the same time, we must always provide an integral service. A single client can have several platforms with different offerings and even though we can offer suggestions regarding each product, in the end we have to comply with our clients’ specifications. In most cases the structure remains the same but there are always changes that need to be made to comply with the expectations of our clients, the hotel and the guests.

Q: How has the incorporation of newer technologies changed Resorts Advantage’s business model?

A: Technology has introduced the dynamic of rapid changes. That is why we work constantly to stay up to date and to stay ahead of those changes. For instance, younger generations do not like to use the phone, so we have to offer them digital contact options. This generational change in preferences led us to migrate the bulk of the services we offer. This is where the challenge lies: being able to provide the client with the options and technology that they require to use our services.

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