Endpoint Visibility Key to Preventing Vulnerabilities
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Endpoint Visibility Key to Preventing Vulnerabilities

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Miguel Llerena - Tanium
Regional Vice President Latam


Q: Tanium and EY announced an alliance to transform IT and security operations. How will this alliance influence Tanium’s participation in Latin America and Mexico?

A: This is a tremendous opportunity for both companies in Mexico and Latin America. Tanium focuses on large enterprises and EY has a similar approach. EY adds a great deal of value to our proposition thanks to its specific set of services. The collaboration gives us more partners and further reach in Latin America.



Q: How did the pandemic impact Tanium’s business in Mexico?

A: Because of our technology, its architecture and the way our platform is designed, we have been able to help many companies. What happened with COVID-19 opened many doors for us. It gave us an opportunity to help more companies because our technology provides large corporations with ways to manage their endpoints, which became even more important as employees relocated to their homes.

Tanium now has 1,800 employees working from home using computers equipped with Tanium’s platform. The question now is how to manage these computers, how does one patch the operating system and how does one keep protecting the employee’s device. One way to protect our network is through a VPN. We sell VPN connections to other companies because it allows for more visibility on endpoints. Tanium provides endpoint visibility no matter where the client is. The platform can see every device connected to the VPN. It is aware of where every device is located. Administrators can then keep patching to tackle any vulnerabilities. Last year, our sales were through the roof.



Q: What strategies has Tanium created to help collaborators understand and avoid cybersecurity risks?

A: One can have the best cybersecurity tools but if one does not understand what they have on their endpoint, the system can be hard to protect. We add an extra layer of security. The Tanium platform provides a set of modules for different aspects of security, like finding vulnerabilities and patching. We provide this visibility to cybersecurity teams to allow them to address matters as soon as they find a vulnerability. One cannot ignore vulnerabilities for weeks. No one else in the market offers this; we are the only company that offers this with such flexibility.



Q: What are the biggest challenges for the Mexican business community when it comes to IT operations and cybersecurity?

A: Companies in Mexico tend to lack visibility of their endpoints. There are also companies that have not patched their servers in months, some of them in years. What we see is a lack of a complete cybersecurity strategy from end to end. Companies have spent millions of dollars on firewalls or on edge-cybersecurity systems but very little on endpoints. They think that investing in antivirus and anti-malware software is enough to not get hacked. Visibility is still a challenge for many companies in Mexico.



Q: How does Tanium collaborate with Mexico’s public sector and the education sector?

A: Tanium is still very new to the Mexican market. One sector where we still have a great deal of homework to do is the public sector. This is a sector where we have been very successful in the US. The US Armed Forces uses Tanium and we manage more than 2 million endpoints with them. Education is another vertical for us in Mexico and we will definitely bring value to this sector.



Q: How does Tanium help clients see the efficacy of the strategy or their return of investment?

A: Customers are often overloaded with tools. They have too many applications: 20 on average. It gets to a point where they are saturated. We allow for consolidation so companies can connect these tools. This helps customers save money while also helping them be more efficient and have faster visibility.



Q: How do you see cybersecurity standards changing in the short and long term? How will this affect Mexico and companies’ willingness to adopt cybersecurity solutions?

A: There is a problem with visibility in many countries. Cyberattacks affect companies of all sizes. Often, companies do not think that they need these solutions and then they get hit with some ransomware.

We are finding significant acceptance in Mexico, with 10 or 11 large customers. These companies understand visibility and the need to patch right away. Larger companies in the country are listening and they are taking action. That says a lot about what may come.  


Tanium offers cybersecurity and IT solutions that allow companies to have a better understanding of their business.

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