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G4S is Offering Integrated Solutions for Security and Health

By Andrea Villar | Fri, 09/04/2020 - 12:35

Q: What are G4S’ activities in Mexico and in which economic sectors is the company strongest in the country?

JA: G4S is a leading global security company specialized in the provision of security services and solutions for customers in industries such as manufacturing, technology, finance, utilities, critical infrastructure, commercial and private properties. We are present in around 90 countries. In Mexico, we have national coverage. Our main capital is our human resources. We have people who stand out for their ability to understand and improve the needs of each of our customers through customized and innovative solutions. We are committed to hiring and keeping the best talent available. All G4S Personnel are recruited and carefully screened according to their talents, qualifications, experience, temperament and background. 

NM: G4S Mexico has four different lines of business.The first is risk management. G4S helps protect assets and safeguards a company's future. By positioning risk management at the forefront of our customers' strategies, the companies can protect not only their physical assets, but also their employees, customers and strategic business information. In this area we offer services such as risk assessments, investigations, security policies, methods and procedures, emergency response, vetting/background screening, polygraph, business continuity, crisis management, meet & greet, and travel risk management. The second line of business is ESS. G4S is known in the industry for our proven experience as an established, large-scale systems integrator providing security and communication solutions. We collaborate to effectively mitigate risk and maximize return on investment. G4S has a property technology brand called AMAG. Lastly, the third line of business is secure solutions. This is our biggest business unit around the world and in Mexico, here we manage security officers’ solutions. 

As you can see, we have a very broad product portfolio. Our main strategy today is to integrate people, technology and processes, in order to have an integrated security solution.


Q: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, what impact do you expect from budget limits and work-from-home trends?

JA: Companies will have limitations in their budgets but we believe that security is something that companies cannot stop investing in since it is an insurance for their assets. Regarding the home-office trend, in Mexico there are industries like manufacturing that do not have this option. We live in a manufacturing country and it is difficult for companies to stop having security solutions like those we offer. At present, we are updating all our protocols to adapt to the new normal. Through technology, we can ensure that people comply with sanitary measures, but human capital is also essential because they are the ones who are going to ensure that people use antibacterial gel, who will take the temperature of employees and visitors, among many other activities. Technology cannot do everything and the human element will be essential to emerging stronger from this crisis.

NM: G4S is a company specialized in security. However, we apply technology to other aspects, such as the management of air conditioning and solar panels. We have installed technology in smart buildings where we not only contribute to security issues but also in other areas. All of this represents a great investment for companies but over time they can see the returns and benefits of these services.


Q: What role does Mexico play in G4S’ growth in the Americas?

JA: In Mexico, we have seen significant growth in clients in the retail, logistics and manufacturing sectors. We also opened offices in new locations. We are fortunate that customer losses have been minimal, which makes us sustainable over time. Security is considered a basic service, which means we cannot stop. As for the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that many companies limited their services or shut down their operations, others grew substantially. Now, as businesses begin to resume operations, they will need to redesign their security strategy to comply with the sanitary authorities’ guidelines. For instance, security guards can help to enforce new protocols like social distancing.

G4S recently launched the Return to Work Assurance program, which is a comprehensive set of solutions developed to assist organizations with security planning and implementation as they reopen business operations. G4S’ program outlines critical jobs and guidelines for keeping employees and customers safe. This program offers several solutions that will help organizations secure their facilities and adhere to guidelines in every phase of the supply chain.


Q: What challenges do informal, uncertified security companies present to G4S to further grow its presence in the country?

JA: This is a sad reality in this country. However, we have a great advantage over those competitors as many globally recognized companies seek to work with certified companies like G4S. We are selective with the type of customers we work for.

Our employees provide crucial services to keep people safe and secure every minute they spend at our clients’ facilities. Our success is therefore underpinned by the way we attract, develop and engage with our people, as well as the culture and values that shape the way we work and how our colleagues carry out their roles. Our purpose is to create sustainable value by delivering industry-leading, technology-enabled security solutions, along with outstanding service for our customers.


Q: What innovations are you introducing to your services in Mexico?

JA: We provide security solutions that include perimeter protection, video surveillance, access control and monitoring centers. In the new normal, G4S already offers solutions with technological applications, such as thermal detection and contact-free access control.

The company’s main value is the ability to coordinate technological solutions with human resources. G4S’ Risk Operations Center (ROC), for example, helps to prevent, monitor, alert and respond to threats from one central location. The ROC is the first global center to merge the management of risk intelligence services with remote video monitoring capabilities. By providing services from one dedicated site, the ROC decreases response time to manage critical incidents. This tool is operated from G4S’ Americas headquarters in Florida and offers fault-proof support to protect assets and people 24/7. Analysts have the ability to quickly mobilize the full G4S global network, including 540,000 security professionals in more than 90 countries, on behalf of clients who are facing a potential risk incident. This rapid response time allows us to mitigate threats and protect people, property and assets, even in remote areas.

NM: Normally we are providing a security solution against intrusion, with perimeter protection, video surveillance, access control, monitoring center. In this new time, we are also providing solutions for this contingency with some technological applications such as thermal detection, access control with no contact and counting people in public areas.  Technology is an important part of the business as a complement that our guards can use and support in the different levels of security: to prevent and in forensic cases. G4S’s main value is when coordinating the technological area with personnel, along with deep risk analysis.


G4S is a multinational security services company headquartered in London. The company is active in more than 90 countries, providing manned security, cash transfer security and tech-based secure solutions

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