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Happiness at Work = Happiness

By Javier García Iza | Tue, 11/03/2020 - 10:33

Analyzing our habits, we realize that human beings spend most of their lives either working, or around work. It defines the social groups, activities, place of residence in many cases, lifestyle, etc. If, at the end of our lives, we make a pie chart of time distribution, we would see that a third of our life is spent sleeping. Of the time we are awake, we spend it at school, eating, on vacation, moving around and in social networks (in the last decade, social networks have penetrated our social fabric, influencing it in an important and negative way in some cases). But on average, we will have spent most of our time in our work.

Throughout the evolution of humanity, as a species that has caused many deaths, we have lived and overcome great challenges, such as diseases, plagues, pandemics, wars, natural disasters, famines, ice ages and droughts. Humankind has fought for the survival of our species for centuries. It is part of our instinct, and fortunately today, we live in the most peaceful time of all times when life expectancy continues to grow. We are facing, however, a very powerful challenge: ourselves.

In 2012 for the first time in history, the suicide rate exceeded the combined homicide rate of war, crime and domestic violence by 850,000 cases, meaning that one person dies every 40 seconds by his or her own choice. That is to say, my biggest risk I run is to lose my life by my own hand, beyond that of being the victim of a bomb, being assaulted or as a result of a fight. Mexico is no exception: The rate of suicides per inhabitant has increased in the last 30 years, and there are 3,000 people on average per day who end their lives and at least 20 try for each one who succeeds. How is this possible? We've survived extreme crises, massive murders, and now our own minds are coming to an end. As I write these lines today, I dare to say that depression is undoubtedly one of today's biggest challenges as a species, so we have to do something about it.

We know that one of the greatest challenges of humanity has to do with depression, whose antidote is happiness and on the other hand, we spend most of our lives working. What better opportunity than to influence our happiness where we spend most of our life!

It is up to each of us to make our space a place that inspires us to be productive and happy. We have to like it, to the point that I would dare to say that if you don't like your work, you don't like your life. Some people work to raise money and go on vacation for a week or two or to buy some new electronic device while others wait for the weekend to enjoy themselves. This momentary happiness is not enough. We must be happy every day!

What is happiness? To be happy, there are no objective requirements. People should not need to have the same goals, desires and purposes. According to Aristotle,”happiness is linked to equilibrium and harmony, and is accomplished by actions aimed at self-realization and fulfillment of our desires and aspirations, however little they may be, because happiness consists of the soul's actions and operations, which agree with the fact that a happy person is one who lives well and works well”.

At IOS OFFICES, our mission is to be an instrument for the success of our Partners (clients) and we know that happy people are more productive. That is why since our beginnings in 2007. We have integrated happiness as an essential part of our concept, both in the design of our inspiring spaces and in our service, the small details in our amenities and the treatment of our hosts. Aware of the current challenges of humanity and the importance of work in our daily routine, we have created a culture based on happiness as our core. It is what we call, IOS Magic.

In addition to our Magic and Culture that we follow, as a great complement we fulfill Maslow's pyramid of human needs at each of our centers.

Maslow's pyramid of human needs
Maslow's pyramid of human needs

 I invite you to visit us and to be so happy that when others look at you, they will be happy too!

Photo by:   Javier García Iza